I got a promotion!!

Well, kinda …

I spent a little time in my classroom this afternoon (after the most boring class I’ve ever taken!  Boo!).  I have spent my four years at the middle school near what is now the media center (until this year, it’s been our cafeteria).  It’s down the “Mile-Long Hallway” from my kids’ homerooms.  

I have been promoted to “super-cool” status and was allowed to move to a vacant room that shares a wall with my cooperating teacher (where my students are – huh, novel idea!).  This means they won’t get the 4 minutes of breaking time everyone gets plus four minutes of travel time from their room to mine and the privilege of “leaving early” to go back to their lockers!  Sweet!  Just think of all the time we gain!  

And … I get a window!  Upgrade!

i-4a54b3431513091b3ae1b04418c78add-6.29.07 011.jpg

At the end of this past year, I had my juvenile delinquents pack and move stuff (call it “preparation” for their prison job roles in the future, I guess!) to our new room.  It’s in the same hall as all of my upcoming 8th graders.  But it’s box after box after box!  I spent three hours there today, and just got boxes sorted to where they belong!  It’s crazy how much stuff/junk I “have to have!”  It’s a necessity!

 i-2251073252cb638042aa801308b5d294-6.29.07 012.jpg

My “promotion” to window room!  I know there’s no view (I now back to the construction area), but there’s sunlight and open-air’ed’ness!  I’m ecstatic!  
And, in case your wondered, I did actually get a raise thanks to our beloved Governor Culver!   Moving us up in the world of education, you go Chet!