Furniture shopping!

I love shopping for furniture!  I think in a previous life, I was an interior decorator!  Love it!

Carter and I went looking – we were just looking for ideas for the new house … and it kept us out of Daddy’s hair!  We came across some cool stuff, like the oval sofas below.  However, I don’t need to take out another loan for furniture!  I know I’m not as active in our finances as I should be, making me monetarily naive, but come on: $1500 for an arm chair?!?  That Carter will probably spill red Kool-Aid on???  Or that Andy will mess Gushers all over?!?  I think not!  Whatever – I’ll go back to the World Market and get the set for under a grand!  And spend the extra I saved on Kool-Aid and Gushers!

i-afe1eefa584720ddd7aea9a8d8b16aed-4.28.07 027.jpg 

It might be $1,500, but it’s velvety, comfty and cute!  And I’m sure Andy hates it!  Ahhh … home furnishing is such a compromise!