Dinner with the Crew!

Did you ever notice that the Saturday night following a major medical procedue of Andy’s, we have a “get together?”  See my birthday (when he had wisdom-teeth-chipmunk-cheecks) and tonight (when he couldn’t see!)!

Healthy, 100% or not, Rory and Andy volunteered to have everyone over and cook for us – who’s gonna pass that up?!?

Rory, with Andy’s help, made “Pork Clouds,” in honor of Zach (during last month’s game night, Stephanie was drawing “Cloud 9” for her team while playing Cranium.  Dr. Zach guessed she was drawing “Pork Cloud!”  Ahh cha cha!  Love it!).  Pork loin, potatoes, green beans and a yummy salad.  Sure beats the fast food we’ve been eating all week!  And a delicious cake to top it off!  The food, partnered with our awesome friends and fun times, equaled a delightful evening!

Thanks for having us, Andy and Rory!  And thanks for coming up and having fun with us, Zach and Stephanie and Isaac!

i-5b28d6f1a45c402f32d1453f18dc989d-4.1.07 005.jpg

Two of the cutest babies on the planet, and two of my favorite toddlers: Carter and BFF Isaac! 

(How BIG has he gotten?!?  They grow up so fast!)

i-42d3586ee2ea856bddd971f443e427de-4.1.07 006.jpg

Carter, aka “Bucket Head”!

i-41317908804586418169457bf770f8dd-4.1.07 007.jpg

Isaac, aka “Sock Stealer”!

i-416520d7227a385a26dff5a14736b16c-4.1.07 010.jpg

Carter loves her Godfather!

i-dc9276d68db2b4d230ab92d331b0f93f-4.1.07 011.jpg

And Isaac loves Rory and Andy both!  And, of course, he loves socks!!

i-1c5ec74ca41612109de158597f17772c-4.1.07 013.jpg 

Babies for everyone!  Carter, Rory, Andy, Andy, and Isaac enjoy Saturday evening together!

Kansas City, here we come!

They’ve got some crazy little women there, and I’m gonna get me one!” 

That’s all we sang most of the week leading up to Andy’s LASIK eye surgery today.  He originally met with the doctors at Eye Glass World in Des Moines and they referred them to a surgeon in Kansas, near Overland Park, for the actual procedure.  

So, at 8am, we dropped the Holigan off with her Uncle Corey for the day.  Now, Uncle Corey has babysat before and done a great job!  Carter loves him very much!  But, he’s always had a helping hand – Aunt Amber!  Aunt Amber had class all day, and Corey still offered to sit.  Now that’s Uncle of the Year award material!

We proceeded to KC.  It was a pretty easy, uneventful drive – but long!  We got there and Andy filled out his paper work.  They brought him back, and did test after test to check a variety of things.  In the process, they determined he was PRK material.  Initially, he was going to get the standard LASIK procedure done.  Where they numb the eye, use a knife to peel back a layer of the eye, laser to correct things, and piece everything back together.  I guess this is the less-invasive and more comfortable procedure (it scares me to death, and makes me want to cry!).  But during the final testing, the doctor decided that Andy’s cornea was “too steep” and decided to do the PRK procedure.  This means that he didn’t “go under the knife.”  Instead, they used a laser to correct everything.  He said he was done in about five minutes!   This method, which sounds utterly delightful to me, requires that he put in two types of eye drops hourly for the first 24 hours, one drop every 4 hours for a week, and the other drop every 4 hours for 8 weeks.  He’s also very sensitive to light, and says that his eyes are “itchy, burny, and irritating.”  Not fun.

Currently, he’s on the two drops, every four hours, and some pain killer to stop the irritation.  He says it feels like there “towel fuzz” in his eye, but is managing well.  He’s knocked out on the couch at the moment, wearing his awesome sunglasses to cut the extreme brightness of the gloomy, overcast day!

i-bc0b92f4b70f66f5144061c347789a86-4.1.07 001.jpg

Armed with her blankie and a bag of books, this adorable little one spent the day with her awesome Uncle!

i-1fd6a963ddec8d96fabcaf20c89af0f3-4.1.07 003.jpg

Andy, pre-LASIK …

i-69dd03863b26a0f674ba3aa049d3cdcb-4.1.07 004.jpg 

Andy, post-PRK.
Eyes must remain closed for 3-4 hours after the surgery (thankfully it’s a 3 1/2 hour ride home!), drops hourly, pain killer every 4 hours, and these glasses when outside, and some rockstar goggle-looking things at night so he doesn’t rub and scratch his eyes.  But it will be worth it soon!