YOU decide!

This year is all about home renovation!  Who knows – if we change it enough, maybe we’ll want to stay!  … or something …

So the entry way brown and white is done and looks awesome.  Which makes me super-excited to start the bathroom!  We chose flooring and purchased the mirror and light fixture.  I resisted the urge to go totally overboard and get the things I wanted: the $175 mirror, the $90 light, the $350 vanity.  Instead, fiscally-responsible and mature me chose the medium-price items.  Mirror + light + flooring = $130.  Let the next owner upgrade!

Now, we’re stuck.  I want the new bathroom to be "girly," relaxing and peaceful.  Andy 2 has forbidden pink and Andy has agreed (of course he has!  He always sides with Haning!).  So, below is a horrid picture of our oak stain and flooring (sorry!), and various paint samples.  YOU be the JUDGE!  Leave a comment with your vote (pink rules!).

 The oak finish of the mirror, and the pseudo-marble vinyl flooring 


Pick a pink, any pink!

The shape & color game

 I suppose it’s never too early to teach a baby dog completely new tricks! Carter has a bank of known colors, but it’s something that any child can continue to work on.  To add a challenge, I thought we could also work on shapes!  Learning is fun!  So, crafty me, I made some basic shapes, printed them, colored them the four basic colors, laminated them (of course I did!  I laminate every chance I get!) and cut them out.  The thought was that I could say “blue circle,” or “green star” and Carter could go to that colored shape.  We started small: red, yellow, green and blue circles.  She did an okay job, until she started to step on each circle individually, like stepping stones.  By then, I’d lost her.  So she simply played with the disks and had a ball, in true Carter fashion!

i-f8aa09f227ae9d40c390759bb6b5bb14-1.30.07 005.jpg

“Blue circle.”  Things were great at this point!  I’d say “Carter, find the colored circle,” and she would go to it.  But soon enough … 

i-6567950a46aabb8badce983a34dadd67-1.30.07 010.jpg 

I’d lost her!  Her little toddler brain can only focus for .0049 of a second before moving on to another task!