Holy Hair!

With winter comes delightful static electricity.  Ahhh, good times.  Carter is getting fairly good about putting on her hood or hat and leaving it on, but she knows something’s up when she takes it off.  I think she can feel her hair standing up from the static!  

With hair like this, it’s no wonder – she probably can feel it standing up!!

i-7c6507db8fa1bc5a09b0467f04f3af00-11.28.06 012.jpg 

“My hair is bigger than me!”

The winter blues

You wouldn’t know from the look of it, but Carter’s got yet another cold.  This one is called Rose-a-something, and we just have to “wait it out” said the doctor.  It’s a virus that brings on a fever for a couple days (we’ll be through with that by Friday), and then about a day after the fever comes a rash.  

Awesome … another rash … that’ll be great …

i-7ddcd092fee21475ee975318cb96a46c-11.28.06 010.jpg 

“If I’m not watching Blues Clues with Mommy, or playing with the timer, I am MAD BABY!