Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Carter has a new goal in life: to get into everything that she knows she shouldn’t!  For example: in our living room, there is a plethora of toys.  Stuffed toys, musical toys, books, games.  What will she always go to first?  The bookshelves to climb, and then pull frames from.  Then she will migrate to the magazine basket and slowly tear corners and bits and pieces out of each magazine.  Why do I bother purchasing toys?

Tonight, Carter and Andy were playing in the bedroom.  Carter had climbed my end table, yanking the support arm off my wedding picture frame.  She also snagged one of my silver hoop earrings, and was trying to get it into her mouth before she was unfairly stopped.  She also crawled to the phone, and tried to pull the entire unit from the table.  She did mangage to pull all the clean, neatly folded clothing from the bed.  It’s good times around here!

All I have to say is it is a good thing Carter is lovable, sweet, and adorable!  If she wasn’t, she surely would have been sold at last week’s garage sale!

7.8.06 021  7.28.06 026

I don’t know what Carter’s trying to climb or get into now!

7.29.06 020

Bubbles, a mirror, and a ton of toys, and Carter chooses to play with my stinky, dirty gym socks!

7.29.06 017 7.29.06 016

Holy teeth!