We have been doing some last minute things around the house before leaving, and Andy and I were talking about the website’s traffic.  We’re able to tell the location of visitors, but not who they are.  We got a visit from France the other day!  Oh la la!  

So this has struck our curiosity.  We have a frequent Ames visitor, and other various visitors that we can’t place.  Some are easy: the early morning daily checks are Mom and Dad, the .uihc.stuff.something is Kelsey or Carrie from the University.  But some of the others leave us pondering.  So, here is our request: at the bottom of this post is a comment area.  We’d like to know who you are!  We’d like to see who are visitors are, and who our Ames friend is (we can guess and match the other people to places, but Ames is killing us!).  Pretty easy, just name and place.  And we’ll see what we’ve got!

 Mahalo and aloha!

www.chalupas.net says aloha

 Maui’s Haleakala Volcano, our biking experience!  I can’t wait!!!


That’s right, Chalupas.net will be on vacation for a bit.  We’re packing up and heading to beautiful Maui and Oahu, on the Hawaiian islands.  We are pretty excited!  We’ll be biking down an active volcano, attending a true Hawaiian luau, visiting Pearl Harbor, exploring the Honolulu Zoo, feasting like true Hawaiians, and hanging out on the beach like lazy bums.  It will be great!  The only draw back is that Carter isn’t going.  A long, long flight + 10 months old = not good.  She will be staying with her rad godfather, Andy Haning, and her wonderful grandparents.  It’ll be tough to be without her, but we’re very excited to go.

I’m sure she’ll be okay without us.  This afternoon, she was being held by her godfather.  He was getting ready to leave and passed her off to me.  As soon as she was with me and he proceeded to leave, she started to cry and reach out for him.  Oh yeah … she can’t wait for us to leave!  She’s ready for a vacation of her own!

Please visit www.andyhaning.com for Carter’s vacation updates.  You can also witness the decline of Andy’s sanity through his first parental experience!  It should be fun!  Check back later for some fun Hawaii updates!  See you soon!  Aloha!


Packing sucks!  And this is just Carter’s stuff!  Ooo-eee-vay!