9 month photos

DISCLAIMER:  None of the following photographs were taken by myself.  They were all done through the creative genius of Mackenzie Duncan and her wonderful studio, Stalzer Photography.  Their fantastic website is www.stalzerphotography.com, and the rest of Carter’s photos can be viewed at www.stalzerphotography.com/WebGallery/Carter2/  If you’re in need of a photographer, go anywhere.  If you’re in need of a wonderful person to take amazing memories, call Mackenzie.  

 That being said, here is our Punky!  Isn’t she the best?!?  


Yes, your kids cute.  But mine’s cuter!

 i-54c7432b31e433c0164addb80434a736-blue dress.jpg

Carter might be the most adorable little girl on the face of the Earth!


Correction: cutest baby in the Universe! 

i-0f076d12a04da9f0962ae523a3116866-C dress.jpg 

“Yeah, Mom!  I totally just tipped that statue-thingy over, and I’m running away!  What are you gonna do about it, biz?!”  Naughty!

 i-dd01d891e78bd54c6201213323cf8fc9-2, C, T.jpg

“Here’s me and my peeps!”  FGF Andy, Carter, and Tim (top) and Andy, Carter and Kelly (below – duh).




Happy Memorial Day!

Goodness Gracious!  What a day it’s been!  Carter is now fluently mobile, which means she’s moving, and she’s quick!  We (literally, maybe!) have a ton of toys scattered all over the house: blocks, a bandstand, three stackers, books galore.  What has Carter chosen to play with today???  A can of paint, a decorative picture frame from the shelf, and every single speck of dust, dirt, and junk on the floor!  She can spot things she’s not supposed to have amazingly well, and then beeline for that very same object!  It’s insanity!

 Since she’s so active (compared to the lazy blob she was two months ago!), she’s napping about every three hours.  She fights and fights, then crashes and sleeps for about an hour.  Then, look out world, here she comes!

i-abe7817fc6c0036ed2f16933930cab74-5.30.06 004.jpg 

After a nap, it’s on to the big, bold world!  First up, crawling!  Carter is a pro!  If your little one is in need of assistance, please let Carter know.  She’s a master-teacher: it’s in her blood!



 i-b92acd0e565042f35d774bac23ca9a3d-5.30.06 006.jpg

Then, terrorizing the cat.  Don’t kid yourself – Sammy totally deserves it!  He bites me all the time!

i-8b5c6d6148a054fe927970dd25142a83-5.30.06 009.jpg 

 Next item on the agenda: crawl to the wall, mount the steps/shelves, pull down the pretty picture frames, and try and pry the electrical socket from the wall.  And you can tell by the look on her face, she fully understands “no.”

i-41da4861502a3c15deda91452e5b9b74-5.30.06 016.jpg 

 We also made cookies today!  What a harmless task, right?  You’re wrong!  I gave Carter the lid to the flour to play with: she played with the flour.  I gave her the scooper to look at: she flung dough all over her toes.  I sat the spray next to her to look at: she tried to eat it.  I’m sure Emeril has better assistants than this!

i-aa757abcc27cfa76f476b2ced72c126e-5.30.06 027.jpg 

 i-29f1d5f77483890519df54caf563cd70-5.30.06 039.jpg


 After such a long, hard day of being 9 months old, a girl gets tired.  She might not want to admit it.  And she might fight to the bitter end, losing to a nice, cozy crib.  “Might?”  Try “definately!”

i-ac4bc2bf0ae45f9547ec1c594a4a8b04-5.30.06 049.jpg 

i-bdda333b8cfff97811a6b908cf0a66d1-5.30.06 051.jpg 

(still think she’s “sweet” and “innocent”?  I think she’s a beast!)