Happy Christmas Eve!

It was a strange Christmas, but it was wonderful, as well.  We’re reframing our normal this year, honoring memories and making our own new traditions.

A gift, for sure

Charlie picked a reindeer for me!

“Need” and “Read” books

The greatest gift.  This truly means everything!

Read: the new Nexia book and a manga coloring book

Read: Jokes!

Kitchen towels with our favorite moms recipes.  “Don’t look at me,” Daddy said.  Good one, but hard one!

Merry Christmas, love Walter

Carter’s gift to Charlie: Pokemon cards and chocolate Santas

Charlie’s gift to Carter: a pound of Hershey’s and a Zelda puzzle

Good cards …

… and a great card!

Wear: New dance pants

Wear: Cubs shirts and MAHOMES!

Pickles (and they are good!)

Camping goodies and fun

Pennants of Stadiums we’ve been to … to collect and see the world!

Want: Just Dance 2019 and Super Smash Bros

Stocking time!

Fit Bits, candy, DVDs, baseball cards and bath bombs!

Reindeer feeding

Someone was jealous he couldn’t help!

Choosing the BEST cookies for Santa

And chowing one down in two bites!

Milk and cookies for Santa

Rascal’s note

Oh, Rascal <3

Bye, friend!  Until next year …