Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Easter Sunday

The EB stopped for Carter and Charlie, as well as for Andy and I!

Pretty baubles for me, and beer and baseball gum for Andy

Goodies for the kids!
EB fail: He forgot to hide eggies!

… so he left an April Fool’s job 🙂

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy, Hoppy Easter!

Chalupa Easter is the best!  We enjoyed dinner and our egg hunt, but more importantly wonderful Chalupa company!

Cutie kids table!

Our feast and family.  I love this!

Wrestling and playing (who’s the “kid” and who’s the “adult”?!)

After clean up, the littles headed downstairs while the Bigs hid eggies

Our seriously cute crew <3

The bounty!

Checking our the score!  Lots of sugar!

And we celebrated Little Miss turning 5!  Makayla, where’s the time gone?!!

Happy birthday to you!

And we played some old school Nintendo Punch Out .. where J beat Charlie!  It was an UPSET for sure!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Headed Home

Mr. Smarty Pants!  He wouldn’t get in the car, so I headed off without him!  When I stopped to try to convince him to get in the car, he was over it (and me!), and fully intended to walk home!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


He is such a great helper!

It would look great on him, right?!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Shoot for a Cure

There is no where we’d rather be than on the court, shooting and supporting our second family <3

Second sister <3

Mad shooters!
Carter made 9 shots; Charlie made 47!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Iowa State Science Fair

Carter has been working all semester on her Honors Project and paper.  She and her pal Alexis hypothesized that people in need to rehabilition would be more motivated to complete exercises with technology.  They set-up their entire experiment, built an app, tested their subjects, and analyzed their results.  They were able to present the findings at the Iowa State Science Fair.  While they did not win, it was a great learning experience and cool experiment!

Our sassy scientist

Stretch Tech (c) Carter and Alexis!

Iowa State Science Fair: I’ve been spotted!

She was so proud of her work she was beaming!  Such a cool moment to share with her!

Stretch Tech scientists

Awesome event!  Way to go, Carter!  See how your semester’s worth of hard work culminated in such a cool project?!  We are so proud of your efforts, Professor Carter!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Long Days …

Man!  Monday kicked us in the pants!

I got to go into school early for a meeting, only to be stood up.  So I waited to pick Carts up at 9:30 for a dentist appointment to pull two teeth.  Poor kid!

And this guy!  He made it until about 7:25, and he was out!