Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy Easter!

The scene, Saturday night:
2016-03-26 22.05.34
Rascal and the Easter Bunny visited!  Mega-cool!
2016-03-26 21.59.01
Baskets, goodies, and 8 eggs hidden!  Should be a fun morning!

Charlie was up at 7:30am, but Carter was out!  I managed to keep him upstairs until about 8:45am.  He went downstairs and realized the awesome!
2016-03-27 09.07.43
Poops.  Poop emojis.  Who knew they’d love crap so much?!!
2016-03-27 09.09.31
Adventure Land passes and pool punch cards, along with a new summer outfit, gum, building toys, a “glow up” bouncy ball, and
2016-03-27 09.12.04   2016-03-27 09.12.14
Big chocolate bunnies, a massive frisbee, a water rocket, and
2016-03-27 09.15.08  2016-03-27 09.15.28
A slingshot chicken!

Poop.  You poop.  Carter poops.  Charlie poops.  Oliver poops!  Poops for everyone!

The great eight!  “Find 8 eggs,” and they were off!

What’s in your eggies?!  4 $5 bills each!  Woo hoo!
2016-03-27 09.27.43
My funny bunnies <3
Love these little Cheeseballs!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Coloring eggies with Grandma

Tradition <3  One of our favorites!  Coloring eggies with Grandma!
2016-03-26 10.52.17 2016-03-26 10.52.15
Eggie colorers extraordinaire! 
2016-03-26 10.56.50
I love that she’s reaching over him, and he’s reaching over her!  So totally them!
2016-03-26 11.07.09 2016-03-26 11.36.05
Creativity at its best!
2016-03-26 14.29.06
Our gorgeous eggies!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

"We wit too go midsoda"

Mrs. Baird asked the class to write about what they’d done over spring break.  Charlie, in his kindergartner glory, wrote this:
2016-03-24 06.36.51
We went to go to Minnesota.
We had fun.  We went
with our friends.
It was awesome.

One the left is Minnesota, and our cars driving there.  In the middle is Minnesota, and Kelsey’s truck (with Kelsey, Charlie, Collin, and Nora) on the bottom, and on the right is the tubes at the water park for the slides!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Family Night's a JAM!

Wednesdays have been Family Night (New Year’s Resolution!), and we’re loving it!
Tonight: Popcorn, Space Jam, and my favorite people on the planet!
2016-03-23 19.05.34

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Spring Break Adventures with our Pals!

2016-03-14 14.59.39
Our Bumsted buddies came up Monday afternoon, and we ran and played, and Tuesday we hit the road!  We swam Tuesday, and rode Wednesday, and laughed for days!
2016-03-14 17.21.34
Candy prep: We’re ready to hit the road!
2016-03-15 09.56.32
At a mid-way potty break stop, we grabbed pull tabs (road trip tradition!): Carter won $.50 and I won $10!  Quarters for everyone!
2016-03-15 11.59.27
We have arrived and are ready to SWIM!
2016-03-15 13.14.14-2
… never to big for the kiddie pools!
2016-03-15 13.19.42
Brave Bigs, ready to take on the wave rider

Carter vs. the wave rider

Grant vs. the wave rider

Collin vs. the wave rider

Charlie vs. the wave rider

Charlie vs. the wave rider
2016-03-15 13.38.33
Carter assured me it would be okay …

… and it was not okay!  I wiped out!
2016-03-15 16.01.59
2016-03-15 17.23.49
Cannonball time!


Pencil jumps!

Can openers!

Spin jumps!

Backwards jumps!

Ground pound jumps!

BFF jumps!

Cannonballs and butts!
2016-03-15 16.05.47
2016-03-15 17.20.40
My little fishy

He LOVES those lili pads!
2016-03-15 17.40.29
Total water bug!
2016-03-15 22.28.27
Whatta great day …
2016-03-15 22.28.39
… wrapped up with a great dinner!
2016-03-16 10.17.32 HDR
Ride-ride time!
2016-03-16 10.42.28.
She’s such a hoot!
2016-03-16 11.02.38
3/4 of us loving the Orange Streak!
2016-03-16 11.09.22
Carter and Grant and I braved the Spongebob!  BIG TIME awesome kids!
2016-03-16 11.41.18 HDR
We ruled the Fly Boat!

2016-03-16 12.02.44
2016-03-16 11.53.46
Look out!  She drives just like her mother!

Crazy car chaos!  What fun!

Swiiiings!  I hate these things!
2016-03-16 17.35.06
Always a hit!

Please, little people: Never get tired of this magic!
2016-03-16 18.06.06
2016-03-16 18.33.00 2016-03-16 18.33.23
The Brain Surge.
Charlie was totally sold on riding with Nora, then Nora wanted to spin them (KINDA the point of the ride!) and he freaked out!  Being an awesome mother and great family friend, Kelsey and I told him to suck it up and ride!

2016-03-16 11.37.09
EB and Best Friends
2016-03-16 14.05.01
My favorite adventurer!  She’s mastered the Gang Planks, so I was excited to take her on the Zip Line across the park … until I got all the way to the top and I freaked out a bit!  Kelsey led, with Carter, Grant, Collin following, and me bringing up the end.  I would have absolutely turned and run had she not been so brave!  She didn’t even hesitate: off she went, and she had a blast!  I love sharing this with her, and our pals!

Grant and Carter, WAAAAAAAY up in the Gang Planks
2016-03-16 14.35.51 2016-03-16 14.43.14
… that’s so high!  Ahhhhhh!  They scare the shit outta me sometimes!
2016-03-16 14.43.24
While Carter and Grant finished up the ropes course, Collin, Nora, Charlie, and I took a mega-slide ride!  They ran up the stairs, slid, and repeat about a dozen times!

2016-03-16 15.03.23
I do dare!  We will be back!
2016-03-16 15.04.27
The Adventure Squad!


2016-03-16 20.15.28
Big kid fancy drinks to end the day!
2016-03-16 20.25.47
HE, with his coat on inside-out and backwards ….
2016-03-16 20.25.18
…. is the reason I drink with HER!  The kids hanging, getting the responsibility to go ride CLOSE BY RIDES while we enjoyed tasty Hard Rock drinks … best vacation!

ONE LAST RIDE!  They voted, and wanted to take one more spin on the Orange Streak.  Charlie was tired and cried over going.  But, the ride was closed so he didn’t have to.  His response: priceless!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy St. Patty's Day!

From me and my little Irish babies to you and yours:
2016-03-17 19.14.36

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Don't mess with this guy!

Seriously.  He’s a white belt, and he ain’t afraid to use his skills!
2016-03-12 13.13.08 2016-03-12 13.13.09
2016-03-12 13.13.18 2016-03-12 13.13.21
The Captain America shirt, neon green shorts, Vadar socks and sword and nunchucks are a LETHAL COMBINATION!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Middle School Orientation

Andy: “Oh my God.  Already?!  Not ready, not ready, not ready …”
Kelly: “YES!  She’s going to RULE middle school!  One new teacher every 44 minutes, only having to focus for about 40 minutes at a stretch?!  This was MADE for us!”
We attended orientation this evening.  Carter is really excited for all of the cool opportunities that lie ahead for next year.  We’re split on the big move!
She’s looking forward to a rotation of art, FCS, Spanish, and French, and getting to be in choir and band (alternating days), and joining the play prop department and Hyperstream technology club.
2016-03-10 19.54.47
When’d you grow up, kid?!  As crazy as it is, we love the little lady you’re growing into!  Keep being awesome, Baby Girl!
2016-03-10 19.53.32-1
Then there’s these two!  Daddy just wanted a picture with his best boy!  Some things aren’t meant to happen, I guess!
2016-03-10 19.53.34
2016-03-10 19.53.39
2016-03-10 19.53.45
SMILE, damn it!  And LIKE IT 😉

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Conference Thursday …

… or a murder scene?!
I came home to this: Garage door open, lights all on, and the truck door wide open at 8:45pm.
2016-03-08 20.38.32
2016-03-08 20.38.45
CHARLIE: The reason we can’t have nice things 😉

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

"Carter was very responsible today"

That was the email.  Simple, sweet, and to the point.  And we loved the heck out of our caring daughter!
2016-03-08 15.54.20
She’s got the lock thing down!  So she was going down the line, helping classmates (without being asked, and doing so appropriately)!