Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Air Hogz chaos!

2015-11-23 20.19.58

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Whatta playa!

2015-11-22 13.39.22   2015-11-17 18.29.50

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Lightning Tournament #2

2015-11-20 15.31.34
2015-11-20 18.15.49
Final, game 1
2015-11-20 19.33.11
Final, game 2

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Rascal's warning, part 2

2015-11-16 22.29.23 2015-11-16 22.29.38
2015-11-19 19.18.40 2015-11-19 19.18.51

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Lightning Tournament #1

The season kick off!  It’s GO TIME!
The girls have practiced, trained, and ruled the court.  I was so excited for their first game, hoping for a win.  While I didn’t get a win, there has been great improvement all around, and I think they’ll be in contention as they start to get into their groove!

THIS happened!  It was pretty awesome!  I’d like to say she was calm, cool, and collected, but she was “unsure” and “weird,” she said.  I was proud she was playing aggressively, and she got up there and hit a close shot!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Intruder Alert: Holiday Edition

I think we’ve been broken into.  Nothing’s been stolen or damaged, but it’s definitely put some of us on high alert.
2015-11-12 16.45.24 2015-11-12 16.45.43
Monday, this was left ….
2015-11-14 17.05.22 2015-11-14 17.05.30
Wednesday, we got this ….
Saturday, our toy room had been vandalized ….
…. and now, THIS!  Behavior issues plummeted while excited soared!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The "Snoopy Movie"

… which was also known as “The Penis Movie,” until we finally corrected and got it through his thick skull: The PEANUTS movie!
2015-11-10 15.56.53 2015-11-10 17.38.32
Carter opted out (“I think I’m too old for that!”  Whatevs.  Never too old for the Blockhead!), so Charlie was my date.  We munched on popcorn and soda, and when it started, he was so excited he couldn’t even sit down!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Game Night

We are all about games right now.  Games, games, games!
And I love it.
2015-11-09 18.51.08
A mean game of Guess Who going down!
2015-11-09 19.32.45
The Uno pro!  We’re ALL ABOUT “Times two’s,” or the big, bad multipliers!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Sight Words

Nailed it!
2015-11-09 16.41.18
I love that his brain works just like mine!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy birthday to me!

I’m too old for gifts.  I just want to spend time with the people I love, my family and friends, and enjoy the scenery!
And that’s exactly what I got!
After school, we headed to Omaha for the weekend.  Friday night, we had Mexican dinner, and were full of laughs and life!
2015-11-06 19.19.28
Raspberry maragritas and fresh salsa!
2015-11-06 19.33.37
Charlie: “Mama, what does ‘D O O F’ spell?”  FOOD, buddy.  FOOD backwards!
2015-11-06 20.20.33
My margarita partner in crime!  Thank you for the BEST weekend!
And Saturday, we headed to the zoo!
2015-11-07 09.31.19
But, first, there was this:
A young couple (16/17 years old?), all snuggly and overly affectionate, dropped something from his pocket.  The dad and teen son behind them (in front of us) began to pick it up then realized it was a condom.  We all got awkwardly uncomfortable and ignored it.  Andy, Dad of the Year, causally swept it under his foot to avoid a bazillion questions from the two loudest children in Omaha!

2015-11-07 10.08.24 2015-11-07 10.08.48
My adventurers for the day!
2015-11-07 10.14.33
Carter: “That duck is either looking for food or sticking his butt up at us.  I don’t think I like that duck!”
2015-11-07 10.24.48
Carter: “Look, mama!  We’re the Lion King!”
2015-11-07 10.39.05
Carter would make kookaburra noises at the bird, and the bird would react.  She just ignored me.  Jerk.  I guess Carter’s bilingual!
2015-11-07 10.51.19
Charlie MAKES this photo!  He couldn’t be more annoyed!
2015-11-07 10.57.41
Carter: “Mama, does that frog have a prehensile?”
Charlie: “No, it has a poop!”

2015-11-07 11.26.40-1
You’d think that we’d know enough NOT to stick our hands near the tigers (after all, a woman broke in last week at 4am, drunk, and stuck her hand into Mia, the 3-legged tiger’s cage.  Mia bit it off!  Duh!).
2015-11-07 12.26.37
Baby seal lions, one male and one female, born this summer.  Carter and Charlie narrated their fight, just as they narrate their OWN fighting!
2015-11-07 12.41.17
These guys <3  They have my heart!
2015-11-07 13.59.19
Charlie: “Where’s the Macaroni Penguin?”  I thought he was nuts … and then he FOUND the Macaroni Penguin!
2015-11-07 14.56.03
Our spot, 10 years and counting <3
2015-11-07 15.15.10
Galapagos 3-D IMAX.  We are studs!
Carter’s spelling list word three weeks running
(She wasn’t supposed to add it, she did, she got it wrong, she got mad, she was told to skip it, she didn’t, so we know are very clear about what a prehensile is … as a 10 year old!):




  • 1. (chiefly of an animal’s limb or tail) capable of grasping

2015-11-07 11.05.22
PREHENSILE spotting #1
2015-11-07 14.21.40
PREHENSILE spotting #2
2015-11-07 12.39.00
PREHENSILE spotting #3!  She was pretty happy about her application of knowledge!  She’s so awesome!