Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


Me: “What do you guys wanna do today?”
Carter and Charlie, in unison: “Let’s go to THE POOL!”
2015-07-22 12.14.49
I love this little summer beauty!

Carter: Wave Rider!

Charlie: Wave Rider (as soon as I stopped recording, he totally biffed it, and refused to try again!)!
2015-07-22 13.51.05
Love my fishies!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Swimming Lessons: Week 1 highlights

2015-07-20 18.48.39
Charlie, the next American Ninja Warrior, ready to go!
2015-07-21 19.42.53
Charlie treading water!  He’s such a stud!
I couldn’t get a good picture of Carter, but she is such a graceful and beautiful swimmer!  It’s crazy!  And awesome!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


My gym cheerleaders!
2015-07-20 11.49.38
They hit the daycare area while I worked it out.  They are hilarious!  I love Charlie’s efforts, but I adore Carter’s spotting!
2015-07-21 19.13.16
Got a little crazy with the heavy bag!  But, my nails look great!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Carter: The DIY Princess!

We’re updating Carter’s room, and she’s ALL OVER the DIY!
2015-07-19 20.08.16
Her dressers, makeshift drawers from Target, are beat up and broken.  So we found an old dresser for $30, painted it black with a pink, a teal, and a white drawer, added gold pulls, and left the bottom space for baskets.  We used two old storage cubes for desk sides and got a board to create the desk.  We painted Grandma’s old spice rack black and used it for a nail polish organizer, and got a mirror and a corkboard for her Tinker-desk area.  She’s in DYI heaven!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Chalupa's running wild at the Omaha Zoo!

We packed up our kiddos and headed to Uncle Corey’s and Aunt Amber’s, where we met the rest of the Chalupa Clan.  We hung out, then headed to Omaha for a family weekend at the zoo!

We were scattered along the second floor, but our room, luckily!, was next to Lincoln’s!  So we got to hang out and jump beds together while everyone got checked in and settled!
2015-07-17 18.20.52
Friday night, we found a little Mexican restaurant down the street from the hotel.  It was authentic, and a tad scary, but good!  And we had the entire run of the place!  Carter manned the kid’s table.
2015-07-17 19.46.42-2
Then it was back to the hotel pool for cannonballs!
2015-07-17 19.49.58-2
And trick jumps!
2015-07-17 19.48.09
Courtney even joined in!

2015-07-18 08.04.46
Good morning!  All Chalupa’s were up bright and early.  Most were found downstairs at breakfast, where these two were reunited!  I love it!
2015-07-18 09.13.39
And, we’re off!  Uncle Corey, Owen, and Daddy are ready for a day at the zoo (Grandma Linda was looking down and loving this, I just know it!)!
2015-07-18 09.17.06-3
The crew!
2015-07-18 09.18.43-1
Just monkey’ing around!
2015-07-18 09.35.33
Checking out the sea life
2015-07-18 09.39.14
These two are just too cute!
2015-07-18 09.40.08
Whatta crew! 
2015-07-18 10.17.40
Stingray Beach

Very cool!
2015-07-18 10.20.14
Dads helping out!
2015-07-18 10.22.37
Brave Uncle Kevin
2015-07-18 10.23.12
Everyone joined in!
2015-07-18 10.37.02-1
Next stop: The Train Depot!
2015-07-18 12.16.11
Little hands at Gorilla Valley
2015-07-18 12.17.59
The Bug Whisperer found a caterpillar!
2015-07-18 13.43.48 2015-07-18 13.44.02
Jungle adventures
2015-07-18 14.08.56
2015-07-18 14.14.28
2015-07-18 14.26.45
“Look Daddy!”
2015-07-18 14.29.36
Dad found a traveler!  Carter loved it!
2015-07-18 15.44.13
2015-07-18 17.04.36
And … back to the pool!
2015-07-18 17.29.55 2015-07-18 17.34.10
Daddy became the BEST gym structure!  Awesome!

CANNONBALLS!!!  This never gets old <3
2015-07-19 11.05.24 2015-07-19 11.06.00
Sunday, on the drive home, we ventured off the beaten path to see the Freedom Rock!  Pretty cool!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Pals at the Pool

It was an innocent afternoon at the pool .. until .. there were boys ..
2015-07-15 12.23.21-2
Beach bums!
2015-07-15 12.30.56
Pretend to hear the Baywatch theme in your mind as he runs to me!
2015-07-15 13.57.14
Just chilling!
2015-07-15 13.59.40
Then .. the boys came by.  Ben, to be exact (left).  Carter was excited to see him, because he’s her pal.  Amelia was excited to see him because she has Boy Fever!
2015-07-15 14.56.02
BFF’s!  I love these ladies!
2015-07-15 15.07.33
After Ben, and his friend, were spotted, Amelia was all over following, and flirting!, with them!  Carter was more interested in playing with them!
2015-07-15 15.08.13
Being awesome!
2015-07-15 15.27.40
The thing that I absolutely adore is that she’s That Girl, the girl that other girls like to hang out with because she’s a great and funny friend, and the girl that boys like to hang out with because she’s awesome!  I just love her!
2015-07-15 15.31.06
BOO to the rain, harshing our mellow!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Bye bye, baby molar

We got a molar that has lost its filling.  It’s also loose, so the easiest thing to do is yank it.
2015-07-14 08.00.06
I think this one’s had more teeth pulled than lost on her own.  BLAH, I agree!  But, she’s always been a trooper, and today was no exception!  We pulled the tooth and left it for the Tooth Fairy.  I got no photos because a friend was over and they were on it before I could snap it!  But, she left a trail of glitter from the window where she snuck in to Carter’s pillow, where we found $5 and a thank you!
2015-07-15 10.40.48

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

BPZ adventures

So, the kids were supposed to go the zoo while I was in LaCrosse.  But Carter had a conflict with basketball camp, and Charlie threw up, so neither got to go.  I promised a trip when I got back.  So, off we went!
2015-07-13 10.04.07
A new scaly friend!
2015-07-13 10.08.28
The otters never fail to amuse!
2015-07-13 10.17.43
Carter and her budgies!
2015-07-13 10.19.00
Charlie … not so sure …
2015-07-13 10.22.31
… and I love that he’s a Big Boy, but still needs his mama!
2015-07-13 10.23.03
Eventually, he came around!
2015-07-13 10.30.15 2015-07-13 10.31.18
My baby turtles!
2015-07-13 10.36.46
Peek!  I see you!
2015-07-13 10.51.50
Camel ride
2015-07-13 10.59.34
BPZ selfie <3

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

SummerFest fun!

With graduation, it looked like we may miss the fun of SummerFest.  However, we made it happen!
2015-07-11 11.36.19
Charlie still wasn’t feeling 100% Charlie-like 🙁
2015-07-11 11.38.18
Summerfest Selfie!
2015-07-11 13.00.45 2015-07-11 11.46.17
WE LOVE THE PARADE!  Carter’s favorites have always been the bands; Charlie loved the Minions and the cheerleaders!
2015-07-11 12.37.57
You, sir, are an arse!  Hee hee hee!  This girl makes me giggle!
2015-07-11 12.37.49
Inspector Charlie!
2015-07-11 13.02.36
Filthy with Tootsies!
2015-07-12 21.02.36
Carter’s ride choice: The Round Up (barf!)!
2015-07-12 20.59.17-1
She’s in the blur somewhere, hooting and hollering!
2015-07-12 21.15.21
Charlie’s choice: the little dragon roller coaster.  Carter was not impressed 😉
2015-07-12 21.16.35
Hands up!  Woo hoo!
2015-07-12 21.22.00
Extra tickets = the Himaylan!  Score!
2015-07-12 21.27.03
Charlie nearly lost it on this one, but Carter was all smiles!
2015-07-12 21.59.35
Smiles for fireworks!  Whatta great evening!
2015-07-12 22.05.04
Enthralled!  I love his amazement and wonder!
2015-07-12 22.05.31
Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” played along with the fireworks, and she was in heaven!  I adore her!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


To say that we love the Minions is a gross understatement!
2015-07-12 11.22.01
Minion nails!
2015-07-12 13.15.00
Amelia and Carter, pre-show
2015-07-12 13.15.13
Me, Charlie, and Carl, ready to see Carl’s pals on the big screen!
2015-07-12 15.10.31
Only a MINION and a MINION’S MASTER would hide in popcorn!
2015-07-12 15.13.27
ALWAYS stay for the end credits!  Charlie and I boogied away at the end with Gru and the Minion pals!