Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Charlie's Magic Trick

Look out, Penn & Teller!  This guy’s going places!

Now you see it, now they’re switched
(I had my eyes closed, so I’m relying on the video to verify things!)

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Swimmy Fish

So, for $5, you can swim at the Quality Inn hotel pool!  Who knew?!!
2015-01-18 13.16.29   2015-01-18 13.16.41

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Tournament #5

(ignore my #3 caption below – I lost count!)
Tournament #5 was ours to take!  The girls had a great practice Tuesday evening, and Friday night they were on FIRE!  So when they came with a weak start for game #1, we were all a bit disappointed.  The only one REALLY playing was Carter!  Her defense was killer!
So, we fed them lunch.  We played video games, watched other teams play, and loaded them with sugar.  We reviewed drills, reminded them of their awesome, and pumped them up.  Come game 2, there was NO STOPPING THEM!!
After a game #2 win, game #3 was in the bag!  They were on a winning high, and it was truly the most amazing thing to see!  10 rag-tag girls came together as a team, and they made it happen!
2015-01-10 03.19.08
Our girls, rocking the win!
#1, Autumn     #5 Mackenzie     #4 Cami     #2 Carter     #17 Marissa

2015-01-10 03.38.04
Such a stud today!  Defense all the way, attempted 3 shots and made 2, and pumped the team up!  THIS SMILE says it all!

Our 1st win (broken into 4 clips)!  GO LIGHTNING!  So incredibly proud of your hard work and awesome spirits!
AND … since they did so well, Carter’s pal and fellow Lightning Amelia came over for a slumber party!
2015-01-10 17.51.08
The fashion show!
2015-01-10 19.40.28
And “Mega Malts” for a great tourney!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Tournament #3

Showing progress!  No W’s yet, but we held our own!
Game 2 was SO CLOSE: 11-13.  The girls were up all game, then made a couple baskets with 5 minutes left (11-7).  They got too celebratory, too quickly, and lost the lead.  Carter’s defense was on point, but she couldn’t get over the loss.  She was so hard on herself, it was painful.  They went on to play game #3, and lost (21-15), but got 2nd place medals overall.

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Tournament #1

November 2014 (sorry, I’m just catching up!)
It was definitely a learning experience, to say the least!
We played three games, and we got smoked each one!  There were a lot of upset girls (at one point, Carter just simply crossed her arms, mid-court, and cried).  It was frustrating, but there are many learning points to take away.  Next time, we’ll be ready!
2014-11-07 21.09.39
2014-11-07 21.29.48
Carter hustle1
11.8.2014 Tourney Collage 2

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Snow Bunnies

They couldn’t WAIT to get out there, to play and terrorize one another!
2015-01-06 05.06.27

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Christmas thanks

… better late than never!
2014-11-27 10.39.14 2
Thank you!  Love, Carter & Charlie

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy 2015!

2015-01-02 13.28.11 2015-01-02 13.30.51

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Buck's Hill adventures

2015-01-01 10.44.30 2015-01-01 10.45.03
2015-01-01 11.17.42 2015-01-01 11.17.39
2015-01-01 11.59.37
2015-01-01 11.25.07
2015-01-01 12.23.31
2015-01-01 12.25.47
2015-01-01 12.46.45

2015-01-01 12.47.01
2015-01-01 13.31.12

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


Andy was sick for my birthday, so Omaha was put on hold.  The grad class got going full swing, and throw basketball and the holidays in the mix, and we were just too busy to do much else!
So we packed our bags and headed for colder temps to send 2014 on its way!
2014-12-31 11.00.12
We went to go skiing, and have fun, so the car got jam-packed with ski gear, forcing Carter to the middle and making these two snugly for three hours!
2014-12-31 12.24.12
Ride #1: The Pepsi Orange Streak, previously one of Charlie’s favorites.  Things change … I guess …
2014-12-31 14.36.58
We met SpongeBob!
2014-12-31 21.18.24
And the Turtles!

2014-12-31 20.20.37-1
2014-12-31 12.41.21
2014-12-31 16.10.59 2014-12-31 16.21.08-2
2014-12-31 16.23.56
2014-12-31 20.13.09
2014-12-31 16.39.05
2014-12-31 22.09.02
2014-12-31 12.26.36 2014-12-31 20.26.59
2014-12-31 14.38.12 2014-12-31 15.23.35 2014-12-31 22.13.27
2014-12-31 18.28.37
2014-12-31 17.33.29
2014-12-31 17.30.46