Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Wish me luck!

I start Kosama (which is just like Farrell’s, from what I gather), tomorrow.  So it’s apple crisp and all the soda I can drink tonight!

These TRX restraints (???) are for:
A. Push ups – feet in the handles, push ups while suspended in the air
B.  Low rows – feet under the overhead bar, inclined back to about six inches from
the ground, row yourself up
C.  The Red Room of Panic from 50 Shades of Grey …
Wish me luck!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Charlie's 3rd birthday party!

After Chuck E. Cheese last year, there was no doubt where we’d have this 3rd birthday party!  He invited three daycare friends, his cousins and close family friends, and we tore up Chuck E. Cheese!  It was a great day!

Good morning, Party Man!  He came into our room at 7:03am and tapped on the bed: “Good morning, mommy,” he whispered.  “I go to the party now?”  Such a sweet, amazing little dude!

We all took showers to get glam’ed up for the party!  Miss Thang HAD to wrap up her hair (HOLY Poppy!  And HOLY Mommy!  She’s a Carruthers through and through!)

Hugs and kisses before heading out

Carter popping bubbles at Chuck E. Cheese

Reel Big Fish for Charlie

My dudes, playing skeeball

Carter loves the jump rope game!

Andy and Rory scored a boatload of tickets at skeeball!

Bubbles and smiles at Chuck E. Cheese


Carter and Isaac were dancing with Chuck E. Cheese

Where does the Birthday Boy put his birthday sticker?  On his birthday belly.  Duh!  And he wore it there for the entire party!

Every trip to Chuck E. Cheese, we get a sketched photo of my two Cheesers!

The party crew:
Owen, Carter, Ian, Isaac, Brody, Charlie & Bennett (Max was too terrified of Chuck E. Cheese to even enter the party area!)

Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet dude! 

Not so much a fan of Chuck E. Cheese this year!

… but he finally gave the Big Mouse some love!

Chalupa’s at Chuck E. Cheese!

Birthday face!

Love, Mommy <3

He still refused to do the Ticket Blaster this year, so Carter did it for him (again), and she scored BIG!

We opened gifts at home, and he loved his pirate ship and trains.  A LOT!

Carter picked out a special present just for her brother.  Charlie choose a gift for her, too (She got him a car racetrack and Hot Wheels, and he got her a Junie B. Jones word search book).  They’re sweet and amazing like that!

On Dude’s Day, we went to the park and had cake!  Because those are two of his favorite things!

Step by step!

Smiles on the swing!


Look who we found on the slide! 

Happy 3rd birthday, Little Bear!  We love you to the moon and back!

Cheeseburger Mac was his dinner of choice, with chocolate milk “with a lid,” cause he knew he’d spill!

Birthday buddies

What IS it?!  (Cars!)

Charlie’s favorite: The Big Trucks!

Running and jamming along the street I grew up on <3

And just being naughty in general!  I love that ornery little mug!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

New hat!

Charlie got a new hat.  Well, actually, his first REAL hat.  A yellow, black and white checked Hawkeye hat.  Daddy is thrilled!

He flipped it around, wearing it backwards.  Cause, he’s cool, you know!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


He’s got it!  He’s got it!  Charlie has puzzle-mania!  It’s not fatal, but it can present quite the challenge from lack of patience!

We laid on our tummies, heads over the fish puzzle for nearly an hour tonight!  “What color, mama?” he would say.  I would choose, he would pick one of that color and put it in the puzzle.  Repeat.  Heaven.

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Punkin Patch bums

Seriously!  We’ve been here so much lately I feel like it’s our second home!

Sliding down the house siding placed on a hill!  GENIUS!  And they LOVE it!

My middle schooler’s would TOTALLY agree: I am a troll!

Carter and Charlie: Kissin’ Piggies

It took Charlie forever to get the hang of the little tractors (and just as long for him to calm down after being MAD!), but once he got it, he loved it!

WERKIN’ IT on the hay bales (Thank you, years of dance, for this!)!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Carroll's Punkin Patch with the Pals

Since no one had school today, we met up with the Bumsted’s to have some fall fun!

We love Carroll’s!

Kitties galore!  This one in particular followed a loving Carter all over!  “Can we take him home?!” she begged (we did not!)

The Littles, Charlie and Nora, on the jumpy pillow

Grant and Carter catch some air!

Man down!

My Cheesers in the wheelbarrow <3

Collin followed by Carter on the peddle tractors!  LOOK OUT!

This stunning lady with a punkin-rack is my very best friend!

Carter and Nora on the hayrack

“TAKE MY PICTURE!” he demanded!  Okay!

I love old windmills!

The Perfect Punkin!

Charlie’s tomato-punkin!

How Tall This Fall?  4 1/2 feet of sweet and sassy!

How Tall This Fall?  Just over 3 feet of goofy snuggle-man!

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

He rode that peddle tractor in circles for 35 minutes!  And … he’s a tad tired!

The Friends after a fun day!

Collin, Charlie, Grant, Carter and Nora being Cheesers!  Love ’em!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie



Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Punkin Patch with the Alexander's

Long time, no see, so we made an Alexander date at Center Grove Orchard.  We jumped, mazed, searched, giggled, pretended and enjoyed a great day!

Charlie & Carter with the Center Grove Cow

1, 2, 3 JUMP!  Carter and Isaac are air born!


Best of pals, forever!


Knuckleheads on the hayrack

Corn maze

Isaac & Carter (6 1/2 and 7) and Ian and Charlie (both 3)
So sweet and adorable!

The Family <3

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


My co-teacher Chris married his sweetie Kristy tonight, and my crazy crew wrecked havoc in the back all evening!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Bend it like Carter


Midfielder Carter – look out, Girly!

We dislike the cold!

Carter, middle in the blanket, cheering on the team in the chilly temps!

Carter’s cheering squad watching her great skills (or something like that!)!