Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

It's that time again …

Since it has been gorgeous and wonderful lately (minus the week of spring break, of course!), we busted out the sunscreen and hit the Blank Park Zoo.  Carter’s favorite, the jellyfish, we off exhibit, but she actually really enjoyed, and learned a lot, at the Ice Age exhibit.  Charlie loved … well … everything!  And we loved a fun day together!

Charlie braving the rope bridge

Hanging out in the eggs (heaven help the animal who laid THIS egg!)

The highlight of MY day was when this wallaby hopped by an unsuspecting Charlie, who took off for the safety of mommy and daddy!

Feeding the fist

The coy fish: still her favorite!

Smiles at the park

… Charlie wasn’t entirely sold on the goats sticking their heads out to eat from his hand!

… but he eventually got into it!

Riding the frog!  These two MAKE my DAY!

Look who adopted the penguins!  She’s doing her part in the Circle of Conservation!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


Carter and Charlie, hands down, take the cake for cheeser’ness and cuteness!  Here are a few pictures and a video of them being absolutely wonderful!

We’ve finally decided on paint colors for the theater room (dark grey with a burnt orange accent wall – I’m excited!).  We went to Menard’s to get paint, and Carter just wansn’t into it, hence the look of the devil in her eyes!

But once we got back to the paint department and there was some action, her curious nature took over and she couldn’t help but ask questions and watch as our paint was mixed.  She was a great help!

After a long day of running, giggling and playing, Charlie was just about done by lunch time!  He nearly fell asleep in his milk!

Sleepy head in his milk!

The Hunger Games is an amazing book and the movie is going to take the world by storm this weekend.  Everyone is reading the book: my students, all of our friends, Andy … even Charlie!

Three feet from the tub is the toilet, but Charlie decided to leave a monster-turd in the bathtub!  Ewww!  No bueno, Charlie!  No bueno!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Indcredible Pizza Craziness

Thanks to Groupon, I had some money-saving to take care of at Incredible Pizza.  This confused Charlie, who is in love with Chuck E. Cheese, but once we arrived, he adjusted!
A “healthy lunch” consisting of lettuce and ranch, blue Jell-O, hot dogs, spaghetti, and two happy Chalupa’s!

Thatta boy!  After many attempts to get his skee ball into the rings (or even up the ramp!), Charlie gave up and took a different approach!

Carter the Astronaut

The Apple of my Eye

A First: We drove the Go Karts, and Carter got to drive all by herself!  We kept our car at pace with hers (to keep an eye on her and be there if she needed help, which she didn’t!), and when she would get behind us, all I could hear were her squeals of excitement and belly giggles!  She had a blast!

Charlie really liked driving the “little cars,” too!

… just about exhausted!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Park Time

These two knuckleheads needed out of the house in the worst way!  So we packed up and headed to the park.  We braved the crazy winds to slide, swing and have a blast!

Checking out the duckies!  They were both very excited!


When you’re a little guy, that slide looks so big!

All smiles!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Charlie's First Guy Movie

Charlie’s a busy dude.  He’s never sat and watched more than five minutes of Elmo in a sitting.  However, with Andy being gone and Carter “dying to see” The Lorax, we thought we’d chance it and take Charlie.
Turns out, he loves going to the movie theater!  He loved the popcorn, he enjoyed the fold-up seats, and he was amazed by the giant screen and action.  Total success, and The Lorax was a great movie!  Charlie is a movie watcher, just like me: we both cried and wiped at our eyes at the end of the movie!

Carter loved everything about this movie, and the message she got from it was great!  She can’t wait to start planting things!

Charlie was totally into the movie!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Watch at Dance Week

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming at recital 2012 and at all the great things Carter’s doing in dance!

Carter, and hip hop crew, shaking their booties
(compare outfits – WOW to some of them!)

That’s Carter, in tumbling, vamping up her backbend (which is now called a bridge!)
Their recital song for tumbling is Born to Be Wild (fitting!), so she was flexing her muscles for me!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Love these Cheesers!

My sweet Butterfly Girl

Charlie, the Stud Puppy

Mommy, Charlie & Carter, Missing Daddy: Day 3

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Chuck E. Cheese Cheesers

As a reward for a great week, Carter, Charlie and I hit Chuck E. Cheese for some fun, giggles, and of course, some ZA!

As a general rule, one should not need a running start when playing Skee-Ball!

Riding in the roller coaster simulator ride!  Weeeee!

Bob the Builder & his pal Charlie

Cheesers: Carter, Kelly & Charlie