Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy Memorial Day!

A first for all:

Charlie’s first beach experience
He had a great time at Big Creek!  The water was chilly, but that didn’t stop him (he is my son, after all!).  We splashed and played in the sand with Sissy.

Carter’s first latrine experience
She had to go potty.  I’d finally gotten Charlie wrapped up, calmed down and sitting still enough to eat his picnic lunch, so Andy took her to the beach house, which had “family style” accommodations!

It was a beautiful day and a great time!  Many more to come – Happy Summer!

2445-5.30.11 024.JPG

“Got my toes in the water, toes in the sand!”  Charlie had a blast at the beach!

2446-5.30.11 029.JPG

You’d never have guessed it was cold and that she was chattering teeth by lunch time!  She, too, had a great time!

2447-5.30.11 038.JPG

Charlie pitched in to help Carter build her sand castle

2448-5.30.11 046.JPG

Beach Babe

2449-5.30.11 047.JPG

Summer Hunk

This was our Memorial Day weekend slurge meal: chips, which Charlie just helped himself to!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The next Van Gogh?

They say Charlie loves arts and crafts at daycare.  I, to say the least, was skeptical.  However, I broke out the finger paint.  Charlie jumped right in … and created his masterpiece in about six minutes.  And when boy’s done, he’s done!  He wanted cleaned up, then he was busy-boy on to another adventure!

2450-5.30.11 006.JPG

That’s alotta paint, Crazy Boy!

2451-5.30.11 002.JPG

Messy fingers = beautiful art!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Some randomness from last week (cause I stink at keeping up!)

With school ending for me, kindergarten wrapping up for Carter, Andy’s golf season kicking back up, and crazy Charlie just being his crazy self, I missed some cool stuff lately!  So, in all of its photographic glory, here’s some Chalupa awesome’ness!


I love it when Charlie sits at the window, looking out excitedly!  It’s like he knows life is out there, waiting for him to go grab it!


LOVE these TWO!  I found Andy’s shirt at Target last Father’s Day, and Charlie’s shirt at a consignment store.  Two peas in a plaid-pod!

2454-5.18.11 028.JPG

Carter got her “baby root canal” on the 16th.  It’s really just a crown, and I think the dentist called it baby root canal to freak us all out (successful!), but Carter did wonderfully!  She wasn’t afraid and she never complained!  She took it like a Champ!

2455-5.18.11 031.JPG

We were told “no hard foods.”  It doesn’t get much softer than cake and ice cream!


May 17th was our 8th wedding anniversary.  Andy sent me these gorgeous flowers at school with the sweetest card.  Who knew?!  After 8 years (plus the 6 before we were married!), he still likes me!

2458-Charlie 18 months, 5.11 001.JPG

Charlie and I (more like just I) broke out the chalk to draw the Story of Us.  We got this far and he’d totally lost interest 🙂

2461-b (2).JPG

This is Carter’s “Little Boy Love” song she wrote for her brother.  I will treasure it forever!

2460-b (1).JPG

Carter Kay: 1st Grader!
5/26 was Carter’s last day of kindergarten.  From now until August 15th, we will do nothing but fun things!

2463-d (2).JPG

The final performance of our reader’s theater at school with our 8th graders.  They were crazy, goofy, button-pushers and at times excessive, but I love ’em!

2462-d (1).JPG

This one melts my heart!  My kids ONLY get to write on my white board once all year (it drives me crazy how they’re obsessed with it, and it’s a waste of markers and their time!).  They spend all of the last day popping in, writing notes and running out.  It’s pretty funny!  They’re usually goofy things like “HAGS” (have a great summer) or “You will miss us cause we’re the best” or something silly.  THIS note, however, was written by one tough little cookie.  She was a kid on Day One I thought I’d go toe to toe with daily.  By Day 180, she was a whole different story.  This one will have a place in my heart (and possibly, I in hers, too) for a long time.

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Concerning Carter???

Last weekend, we rented Barbie: Thumbalina.  Carter was obsessed.  She loved the idea of tiny fairies coming to her room and being her “pets.”  So much, that she wrote Thumbalina a note and stuck it under her pillow.  She gets bummed whenever the subject of “loose teeth” or “the Toothfairy” come up because all of her friends have missing teeth and have been visited by the Toothfairy, but Carter hasn’t.  I felt bad for her, so I made sure Thumbalina left a little something in response under her pillow (a shiny gold pencil with a butterfly sticker on it).

This may have been my worst idea to date.

The following day, unbeknownst to Andy and I and entirely on her own accord, Carter drew this picture and wrote this note for “Thumbalina:”


A beautiful, sunny day picture …

2442-5.14.11 020.JPG

Accompanied by this letter:
“Dear Thumbalina, Can you come to my house and stay here until I decide if I want to keep you or not?  PS: Bring your friends”
I think it’s the “PS” part that crosses the line into creepy! 
Cute, but creepy!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Just like his Mama!

… Charlie and I may be spending too much time together …

2434-5.14.11 016.JPG

He is amazed by my camera!  He doesn’t get to touch my good camera, but my little Elph has been through WW3 (shout out to Canon – awesome camera!)!  Baby Destructor can’t hurt that thing!

2435-5.14.11 017.JPG

And he’s helping with laundry!  He loves to take clean, wet clothing from the washer and lug it over into the dryer, and he LOVES to hit the buttons!  Yesterday, I went to the washer with a load of laundry to find that Mr. Clean had stuck his blankie in the washer – think he’s trying to tell me something?!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

It was a "Rooty-Tooty, Crazy Booty" kinda afternoon!

Yes, you heard right: a “Rooty-Tooty, Crazy Booty” afternoon!  You know, one wild bummed afternoon, filled with two naughty little Cheesers and their exciting antics!

2431-5.14.11 004.JPG

First, given that it was gorgeous, we went outside to play.  Both Carter and Charlie love the water, but Carter’s still a little hesitant about the full-spray hose and sprinkler.  So we broke out the Elmo mister, which both loved!  They each wanted to pick it up and spray the other.  Too bad for Charlie Carter’s bigger.  At least, for the time being!

2432-5.14.11 008.JPG

Time for dinner!  We came inside to dry off, stripping at the door (sorry, neighborhood!).  After both of them cleaned their plates, they got a treat: bunny suckers from Easter!  Charlie couldn’t quite figure it out, but Carter did!

2433-5.14.11 011.JPG

Total Cheeser!


The start of Summer Social Night Tuesdays

Our buddy Dan hosts a Tuesday night social group though the summer.  Cool people get together to play volleyball, grill, and hang out.  It’s a great time!  And next week, I will dominate at volleyball (or something like that!)!

2443-5.18.11 008.JPG

Cute and Cute, hanging out!

2444-5.18.11 007.JPG

“Is it hot out here, or is it just me?!”  Charlie rocking my sunglasses!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

"Showtime" Talent Show

This morning was Ashland Ridge’s yearly talent show.  Kids who wanted to perform could get up on stage in front of the school to sing, tell jokes, play an instrument or dance.  To close out the show, Carter’s entire class sang “Toe-Knee Chestnut Nose Eye Love You” song, which I think is the most adorable thing ever!

2424-5.10.11b 002.JPG

There was a little apprehension on Carter’s part until she spotted me in the crowd!


Signing and rockin’ out to their air guitars!


Mrs. Noll (left) and her crew of kindergarten goofballs!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The sprinkler

Yes, it was meant to water the lawn, but it ended up watering a Charlie!

2419-5.11.11 003.JPG

It all started out well … he’s learning to climb the ladder to the slide

2420-5.11.11 004.JPG

And, speaking of the slide – it’s pretty awesome!

2421-5.11.11 005.JPG

But when Daddy got the sprinkler out for the lawn, two curious Chalupa’s just HAD to check it out!

2423-5.11.11 010.JPG

… someone got a little too close!

2422-5.11.11 009.JPG

“Oh no!”

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


It’s like Jack, only rounder and cuter!

2428-5.9.11 003.JPG

Thank you, Scholastic, for hours of fun!

2430-5.9.11 008.JPG

Charlie swiped these from Carter’s Build-a-Bear and claimed them as his own!

2429-5.9.11 006.JPG

Sibling smooches <3