Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Minnesota spring break 2011

This year was a bit different: we ventured to Minnesota with the Bumsted’s while Daddy stayed at home.  The ride up was a bit rocky (Charlie wasn’t really happy around hour 2.5 of the 3.5 hour car ride!), but once there, we had a blast!  We jumped on the beds, went swimming, ate great food, laughed true belly-laughs, rode rides all day long, and saw the fish at the aquarium.  It was awesome, and I’m glad we got to go with our buddies!

2311-3.15.11 - MN 011.JPG

I really think Carter believes we can only “go swimming” in Minnesota!  She’s getting so brave – she jumped into the pool from the side without any help!

2312-3.15.11 - MN 012.JPG

Charlie really thought swimming was tops, too!

2313-3.15.11 - MN 025.JPG

After the 3.5 hour car ride and swimming, these guys were NOT ready to call it quits for bedtime!

2314-3.15.11 - MN 035.JPG

Wednesday morning, we’re ready to GO, GO, GO at the ride-rides!

2315-3.15.11 - MN 037.JPG

Smile, Meatball!

2316-3.15.11 - MN 054.JPG

Up first: Carousel

2317-3.15.11 - MN 057.JPG

Charlie REALLY liked his ostrich!

2318-3.15.11 - MN 081.JPG

Grant wanted to ride the “big ride,” so of course, Carter wanted to ride it too (it’s like the Shooting Star at Adventure Land).  Until we got up close.  Then it was “really big!”  But she rode it and only mildly hated it!

2319-3.15.11 - MN 097.JPG

Grant, Collin and Carter, checking out the wonderful world of the ride-rides

2320-3.15.11 - MN 103.JPG


2321-3.15.11 - MN 110.JPG

The sting rays were very cool!  Charlie showed his excitement in the form of the Chalupa-tongue!

2322-3.15.11 - MN 112.JPG

Carter liked the jelly fish and star fish, that she got to touch

2323-3.15.11 - MN 132.JPG

The Crew, checking out the coral reef

2324-3.15.11 - MN 138.JPG

F I S H  are  C O O L !

2325-3.15.11 - MN 143.JPG

My little fishies

2326-3.15.11 - MN 162.JPG

Dude, ready to ride the Swiper ride with Mama

2327-3.15.11 - MN 163.JPG

Carter and Grant, close on our tails!

2328-3.15.11 - MN 171.JPG

Cheeser, eating her orange at dinner
2329-3.15.11 - MN 172.JPG

The Crew: Collin, Kelsey, Nora, Grant, Carter, me and Charlie
5 tired kiddos and 2 exhausted adults, but totally worth it!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Fun with Fun Dip!

Ya gotta love this stuff … and these two!!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

An afternoon at the Park

Hallelujah!  Today, it was finally warm enough to take the kids to the park!  We grabbed our “ducky break” and headed out.  Carter enjoyed feeding the ducks while Charlie enjoyed feeding Charlie (he ate two pieces of bread!).  After that, we played on the playground.  They both had a hoot swinging!  Not such a hoot: time to leave.  Charlie had so much fun that he threw a massive fit when it was time to go! 

2304-3.10.11 010.JPG

Carter feeding the ducks, Charlie feeding Charlie!

2305-3.10.11 014.JPG

Havin’ a blast!

2306-3.10.11 023.JPG

Big guy on the Big playground

2307-3.10.11 027.JPG

Ready to rock the monkey bars

2308-3.10.11 031.JPG


2309-3.10.11 033.JPG

So high!

2310-3.10.11 034.JPG

All smiles!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Button Bracelets

Yes, it’s just as it sounds: AMAZING!

While “junkin'” with my mom, we came across a necklace someone had safety pinned old buttons to.  Thinking there was no way I was paying what they were asking for a chain and old buttons, I figured this was something we could make ourselves!

I raided mom’s button boxes and jars (THANKS, Mom!), and found some perfect buttons to add.  Before Charlie’s ENT check-up, he and I put this together.  It’s our first adventure into button bracelets, but I think it turned out well.  Now that we know what we’re doing, look out!

2300-3.7.11 004.JPG  2301-3.7.11 003.JPG

Helping mama

2302-3.7.11 005.JPG

Okay, so he had a broken length of chain and a belt buckle, so he wasn’t “helping,” but he’s so darn cute! 

2303-3.6.11 002.JPG

Our final project: it’s big, but it’s cool!  Next up: a necklace with buttons and beads!  VERY COOL!