Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Week 28 happenings …

World’s happiest, sweetest boy – what more can we say?!!

1726-4.23.10 022.JPG

World’s Best Big Sissy, explaining the workings of the world to her little brother

1696-4.23.10 026.JPG

LOVE me some greeny beanies!!!

1728-4.25.10 104.JPG

That “O Soup” is for your sister, mister!

1729-5.2.10 033.JPG

Just like Daddy, reading the Sunday paper.

1730-5.2.10 034.JPG

Playing Sorry … well … BEING on Sorry!

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Circus fun!

We met our BFF’s at the Za-Ga-Gig circus for some treats, fun shows and good times!  Thanks for coming to hang out, dudes!  Love ya!

1713-5.2.10 001.JPG

Charlie’s first circus (Carter’s … 3rd??)


Chalupa Clan

1714-5.2.10 011.JPG

Sharing cotton candy and watching the dancing girls

1715-5.2.10 014.JPG

Hee hee … I liked the bears riding bicycles! 

1717-5.2.10 021.JPG

INSANITY!  This dude ran, jumped and basically went nuts inside the circle that spun … where does one learn to do this kinda stuff?!!

1716-5.2.10 019.JPG

Carter couldn’t bare to watch the guy on the spinning Circle of Death!

1718-5.2.10 026.JPG

Manly men!

1719-5.2.10 028.JPG

We went from total-smiles, having a blast …

1720-5.2.10 030.JPG


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

We've got a creeper!!

CREEPIN’ CHARLIE!  It’s everywhere!  Ahh cha cha!

1721-4.25.10 108.JPG

“Gotta get my ducky …”

1722-4.25.10 109.JPG

“DUCKY!!!  Here I come!”

1723-4.25.10 111.JPG

“Gotta get moving, throw this leg, wiggle my bum …”

1724-4.25.10 119.JPG

“ARH!  Too much moving, wiggle and going!” 
Somehow, in his speediness to get his duck, Charlie launched himself clear up on his face!  Hilarious!

1725-4.25.10 126.JPG

“Success at last!”

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy 1st birthday, Cousin Marissa!

Marissa (Brian and Anna’s oldest daughter, younger sister to Courtney) turned 1 today!  Wow!  I can hardly believe it’s been one year already!  Happy, happy birthday, Baby Doll!  We love ya!!!

1703-4.25.10 010.JPG

We stayed at Grandma & Grandpa’s Saturday evening, prior to the party.  Charlie and Cousin Owen (4 months) got to play together …

1704-4.25.10 012.JPG

… and, of course, Charlie tried to eat him.
Love, LOVE Owen’s sticky-up hair!  It’s too cute!

1705-4.25.10 015.JPG

Carter and Courtney playing together.  They strip the mattress and prop it up on the rocking chair, making it a slide.  Together, they have a weeeeeee of a time!

1706-4.25.10 019.JPG

Daddy’s mini-me!

1707-4.25.10 023.JPG

It’s a Baby Face-Off … who will win?

1708-4.25.10 030.JPG

Charlie wins, because he got a kiss from the sweet little birthday girl, Marissa!
I’m thinking Charlie and Marissa will have the same adorable blondish-strawberry hair – too cute!

1709-4.25.10 045.JPG

“Helping” open gifts

1710-4.25.10 058.JPG

This is Carter’s card for Marissa that she personalized.  Note: heart, happy face, heart, heart, ghost.  What the heck?!! 

1711-4.25.10 076.JPG

That cupcakey is as big the birthday girl!!!

1712-4.25.10 090.JPG

Charlie got a little taste, too (no wonder he’s fat!)

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Week 27 happenings …

10 days ago, Charlie had an ear infection (but was never really unhappy about it!).  At his check-up today, he had a double ear infection.  Despite having ouchy-ears and the snots (a result of ouchy-ear), he has been in great spirits!  He’s mastering sitting up, and continues to be an avid fan of greeny beanies!

1697-4.18.2010 005.JPG

Look!  They can share!  Buddies, for now!
After about 30 seconds of letting Charlie have his book, Carter took it (“he wasn’t playing with it anymore!).  She slid it closer to her, so Charlie rolled from his tummy to his back, then back to his tummy (complete roll-over) to get closer to Carter and his book.  She slid farther away, he rolled over closer to her!  Then it became a game …

1698-4.18.2010 097.JPG

But at the end of the night, no matter who has the book, they still love each other!

1699-4.18.2010 101.JPG

Carter, Charlie, and I, reading the “Be-Boo Book”

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

It's ZOO season again!

We love the zoo!  And how fun to take Charlie for his first zoo adventure!

1690-4.18.2010 051.JPG

The swinging bridge – always good times!

1691-4.18.2010 055.JPG

Carter showing Charlie the blue poisonous dart frog

1692-4.18.2010 058.JPG

“Shhhh, mama!” 

1693-4.18.2010 061.JPG

Carter and Charlie under the waterfall

1694-4.18.2010 072.JPG

Hanging out by the wallaby’s!

1695-4.18.2010 080.JPG

Carter “petting” the Koi fish (eww, eww, eww!)

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The daycare's ho-down

Ankeny Christian Childcare hosts a fund-raiser each year.  This year’s theme was a ho-down (where was I to find us all inexpensive clothing for THATI?!!), and, in true Carter-style, she had a blast!

1685-4.18.2010 024.JPG

Carter and BFF’s Hannah and Ava (would you believe that little Hannah’s the oldest of the crew?!!)

1686-4.18.2010 034.JPG

Every child in the room, trying to limbo at the same time.  Chaos!

1687-4.18.2010 042.JPG

I’m so glad I’m not the parent that got drug into the circle of crazies!

1688-4.18.2010 045.JPG

Charlie, sitting up all by himself, taking in the sights!

1689-4.18.2010 047.JPG

Carter and I goofing in the car (while Daddy got Panchero’s – jerk!)

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

We love Isaac! Oh yeah … and Rory's new venture!

Rory is officially began his venture as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Today, he hosted his open house to get started.  If you have ever met Rory, you know this is right up his alley.  You don’t have to know him well to know that this is his forte.  He lived up to all of my expectations of him and more!  He did such a great job at his open house, cooking, presenting items, involving and entertaining guests.  Way to go Rory Brown!  We’re very proud of you!

1700-4.23.10 018.JPG

Rory demonstrating the magic that is the Mandolin (I need this thing!)

1701-4.23.10 019.JPG

Rory’s delicious fruit dessert (yes, he’s grating orange peel; I didn’t really know this was a real thing.  I just thought you got it in the little Tone’s seasoning containers!)

1702-4.23.10 020.JPG

Rory did a great job, but if you ask Isaac or Carter, they’ll tell you they were most excited about seeing each other!  Can you tell she adores Isaac?!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

6 month check up

Charlie had his 6-month check up today.  He weighs in at a robust 20 pounds, 9 ounces (92 percentile), is 27 inches long (75 percentile), and has a head circumference of  17 3/4 inches (85 percentile).  He is totally healthy and completely adorable!  He’s eating well (applesauce and carrots are his favorites), he’s rolling from back to tummy, and has gone from tummy to back on occasion, but doesn’t a lot.  He’s a muscle man: he has one heck of a grasp (usually full of either cat hair, mommy hair or a strand of necklace beads), and he enjoys being balanced in a standing position.  He can keep himself there, but has no balance (you can thank the Chalupa side for his lack of grace ;)  ).  He enjoys tummy time and will push up high onto his arms.  He loves watching the world around him, and he’s happiest when there are people around.  Especially people who want to love you him. 

1696-4.23.10 026.JPG

6-month likes:
*  Being with people.  His favorite Chalupa is Carter!
*  Greeny beanies
*  Getting extra bottles!
*  Being “roughed up:” tickles, tummy raspberries, and kissy’s
*  ABC duck
*  Blankies
*  Bath time
*  His exersaucer

6-month dislikes:
*  Not having all the attention (huh … sound familiar?!)
*  Going to bed
*  Cold (temperature, hands, rain, he hates it all!)
*  Going an entire day in the same outfit
*  Going an entire day wearing pants

Happy 6-month birthday, Little Bear!  We LOVE you so very much!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Week 23 happenings …

Charlie’s still working on his teeth.  He shows the same signs Carter did: drooly, diaper rash, attempting to eat everything.  He continues to love new foods, but favors applesauce and carrots best (well, second best, after lollipops, of course!).  He’s working on sitting up, and can for a few seconds, but then topples over.

1675-4.11.2010 006.JPG

Working the tongue, ready for CARROTS!

1676-4.11.2010 025.JPG

Charlie loves mommy.  Charlie ADORES daddy!

1677-4.6.2010 016.JPG

Manly men, doing manly things

1678-4.11.2010 012.JPG

Carter and her “little orange shovie” helped dig up old weeds and plant new seeds

1679-4.11.2010 015.JPG

Charlie smacking his lips over the idea of patio tomatoes!  Yummers!

1681-4.11.2010 019.JPG

Surprise, surprise!  She couldn’t resist getting messy!

1680-4.11.2010 018.JPG

And getting him messy, too!

1682-4.11.2010 021.JPG


1683-Easter 4.2.2010 282.JPG

Mr. Sweet Smiles, being generally adorable

1684-Easter 4.2.2010 291.JPG

Near mastering of the sit …