Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Charlie's first smiles

Seriously … how could you resist him?!!

1272-11.30.09 160.JPG

He’s such a cutie!!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Princesses on Ice

Best. Show. Ever.

Carter and I went to Dinsey’s Princesses on Ice, a mini-show of each of the Disney Princesses on ice skates.  Carter knew everyone’s story, and we had a great time, just us girls!

1267-11.30.09 006.JPG


1268-11.30.09 009.JPG

My princess and I, waiting for the show

1269-11.30.09 010.JPG

Carter with her rose, just like the Beast’s

1270-11.30.09 159.JPG

All of the Princesses and their Princes at the Grand Ball

1271-11.30.09 156.JPG

Our host, Tinky!  She posed for us and waved to Carter!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a roller-coaster year!  But I think we can all agree on that we really have so much to be thankful for!

1279-11.30.09 002.JPG

The most wonderful men in the world: Andy, Charlie & Poppy

1280-11.30.09 004.JPG  1281-11.30.09 005.JPG

Totally cute Charlie: front
Totally sag-ass Charlie: back
He’ll love this in 15 years, won’t he?!!

1282-12.3.09 001.JPG

Grandma and Carter reading books

1283-12.3.09 002.JPG

Carter LOVES her little baby!!!

1284-12.3.09 003.JPG

Grandpa and Charlie, hanging out

1285-12.3.09 007.JPG

Charlie meets Aunt Katie and Cousin Marissa

1286-12.3.09 013.JPG

Cousin Marissa (7 months) was infatuated with her little Cousin Charlie

1288-12.3.09 015.JPG

… she couldn’t stay away from him …

1287-12.3.09 014.JPG

… maybe that’s a little TOO close!!

1289-12.3.09 016.JPG

Marissa and Charlie (and soon-to-be Newbie Chalupa, debut January 2010) may be buddies, but you can’t beat these two: original Cousins Courtney and Carter, giggling over Thanksgiving dinner

1290-12.3.09 021.JPG

Courtney and Carter coloring with Grandma

1291-12.3.09 028.JPG

Nap time with Grandpa – can’t beat it!

1292-12.3.09 029.JPG

Still two of the cutest, sweetest yet orneriest girls I know!

1293-12.3.09 031.JPG

The next generation of Chalupa’s: sisters Marissa (7 months) and Courtney (4 years), with Carter (4 years) and Charlie (6 weeks).  Crazy, kooky, kind … and the sweet batch of Chalupa’s ever!


Charlie pictures!

Okay, so the quality sucks, but that’s my doing.  I know some of you can’t access the Stalzer site (probably also because of me!), so I made do.  Here’s the best of the best:

1263-Kenz photos 11.09 004.JPG

Pucker lips

1264-Kenz photos 11.09 005.JPG

The eyes of a model boy

1262-Kenz photos 11.09 003.JPG

The fam

1266-Kenz's photos 002.JPG

Bear with his Bear!

1265-Kenz's photos 001.JPG

My favorite!

You can attempt the check them all out (with much better quality!) at the website:

1.  Go to our website at
2.  Register with your own email and password first.
       Password: 90499000
3.  THEN  Click the Access Gallery link and enter in the access code below:
        Access code: CharCha
4.  After you do that, you will be able to view these pictures.

THANK YOU, Kenz & John!  You guys are THE best!!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Week 6 happenings …

Okay … so it’s technically week 5 1/2 happenings, but with Thanksgiving, we won’t be around for the actual 6 week update. 

Charlie may be nearing the end of his massive growth spurt.  He’s slowing down on guzzling his 6oz bottles, and he sometimes isn’t finishing them.  I weighed him last night, and with our questionable scale, he’s at about 13 pounds!  The newborn clothes have been cycled out (and are ready to share with Aunt Amber!), and bigger clothes have been laundered and are ready for him (0-3 months).  He did me a solid last night: he was up from about 3:00pm until his bedtime bottle, around 8:30pm.  He downed 6oz and laid down for the night around 9:30pm, finally falling asleep around 10pm.  He didn’t squeak until 4:45am.  Nearly 7 hours of sleep!  Hopefully that’s a sign he’s nearly sleeping all night.  That would be the greatest Christmas gift!

We also did our family pictures Wednesday.  We’re awaiting the link, and I’ll have it up instantly (you know that!).  So be sure to check back soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  It has been a long year, and we all do have so much to be thankful for.  Enjoy family, friends, and delicious food!

1258-11.25.09 007.JPG

What can I say: Girlfriend likes makeup!

1260-11.25.09 011.JPG

Charlie’s got no neck, but he does have two chins!  And both are adorable!!!

1259-11.25.09 008.JPG

HATS are the BEST!

1261-11.25.09 009.JPG

Headed to Marshalltown for family pictures.  We all loaded into my tiny car: Charlie in the car seat, Andy in the middle to give him a bottle, and Carter in her big girl seat, loving on Daddy.  Is it possible that we’ve outgrown the Neon?!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Build a Sparkles

While Carter and I spent the weekend at Grandma & Poppy’s after Playhouse Disney, Charlie and Daddy hung out at home.  That’s a long time to be child-bound – even with one cute child! – so I took the kiddo’s to Build a Bear.

Carter adopted Sparkles, her baby to care for.  And, of course, we went overboard with accessories for our new addition!  We also played in the play area, which Carter thought was just the neatest thing ever!  She’s easy to please! 

Charlie … he slept during the entire adventure!  Mr. Excitement, he is 🙂


Left to right: Charlie, Lucy, Nina-Bear and Carter, headed to Build a Bear

1246-11.20.09 103.JPG

That’s Sparkles the Kitty, before stuffing, a heart and a “MEOOOOOOW!” sound (that part’s REALLY neat …)

1247-11.20.09 104.JPG

Charlie, in his stroller, became the bear-holder

1248-11.20.09 105.JPG

Mama Carter gave her baby a bath

1249-11.20.09 113.JPG

And we played in the “Pit of Pinkeye,” aka the play area, where Carter was nearly eaten by a hippo!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Week 5 happenings …

I don’t know that Charlie is a “baby” … he may be a small horse!  He is downing 6oz bottles at 9pm, 2:30am and 6:30am, and 5oz bottles every 3 hours through the day.  He continues to be pretty strong, having great head control and enjoying tummy time.  He’s managed to get himself rolled over twice now, both times by complete accident!

Carter loves holding her little brother.  She wants to “carry” him around, which we’ve vetoed, but she still tries to sneak him sometimes!  I guess that’s a good sign that she adores him!


Still the cutest little girl around!  How could you resist that smile?!


My “ham-some” guys


Just being cute!


This one’s for Grandma & Poppy: it doesn’t just look like Charlie has a big ol’ barrel of a tummy … he does have one!!!  This is this morning, after he’d just downed a 6 ouncer!


Working on his fitness


That’s right: AWESOME!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

It's tradition …

… and it’s great, as always!

Today, Kelsey, Janine and I met up to stimulate the economy and tackle our holiday shopping.  Okay … I don’t think any of us did any major damage, or was in true need of anything specific, but it’s tradition to get together this time every year and just hang out.  I think the best part was a quiet lunch, complete with Sangria and chips and salsas (yes, plural!), and the girls, catching up and having a great day. 

1257-11.20.09 019.JPG

Three tired but happy holiday shoppers!  Thanks for coming up, ladies!  Love ya!


Disney Playhouse

Our pals, the Bumsted’s, invited us to see Playhouse Disney with them – like we’d pass that up!  So after a long day of our traditional Girl’s Shopping, we headed to Cedar Rapids to see Mickey and the Disney crew.  I figured Carter would enjoy it – she always does – but she giggled and danced and whooped it up!  We had a GREAT time!

1250-11.20.09 026.JPG

Waiting for Mickey and Company before the show

1251-11.20.09 051.JPG

Tickets = $75     Soda = $3.50     Light sword = $20     Cotton candy = $10    
Mommy looking like a nerd = priceless

1252-11.20.09 055.JPG

Carter shaking her booty in the aisle during the Hot Dog Dance

1253-11.20.09 058.JPG

All giggles when Mickey hit the stage

1254-11.20.09 062.JPG

M I C K E Y   M O U S E !

1255-11.20.09 080.JPG

By the end, Grant and Carter had escaped to the aisle to boogy down!

1256-11.20.09 087.JPG

Our rag-tag crew of Mickey fans: Collin, Grant and Carter


Sooooo goooood!

Charlie already loves him some Tootsie Pop!

Thanks, Daddy!  That’s delicious!