Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Let's Go Chops, LET's GO!

This evening, we took Carter to her first hockey game.  The Iowa Chops played the Peoria Riverbandits, and Carter had a really great time!  She enjoyed watching, for the most part, and got the added bonus of sitting a row behind a pal from day care!

The Chops lost, but we had a great time anyway!  Needs more cowbell …

449-1.29.08 013.jpg

Bring on the CHOPS!

447-1.29.08 011.jpg

Carter and I waiting for the second 20 minutes to get underway

450-1.29.08 014.jpg

Here we go! 

446-1.29.08 008.jpg

One of many fights.  This was when the crowd, and Carter, was most interested!  That got her cowbell ringing!

448-1.29.08 012.jpg

Andy, Carter and I waiting on sudden death

451-1.29.08 024.jpg

Braden and Carter, daycare pals (Braden loves Carter!  He offers her part of, or sometimes ALL if she wants, of his breakfast when they’re there together!  And he hugs her goodbye almost every day.  So cute!)

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Our favorite ditties

For more of your musical enjoyment, Carter shares two of her favorite tunes/book verses:

Get this girl a tambourine and a microphone!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Thanks so much, Uncle Corey and Aunt Amber!

Carter found her “tuba” she got for her birthday (Damn!  We didn’t hide it well enough!!!, and she was a music makin’ fool today!

Thank goodness Daddy called for computer time!!!  My ear couldn’t stand it 🙂


Gingers x3!

Snuggling, red-head style!

444-1.23.08 011.jpg

Mommy, Carter and Sammy all curled up and snuggly warm!  Red-heads unite!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Happy Home Decorating

It’s the that time of year when I get the itch to par down our crap, rearrange furniture and clean the joint up!

I went through Carter’s toys and put some into storage, donated some to our clinic’s children’s waiting area and took some to Goodwill.  I then organized everything and created a cute little fun space for Miss Wild Child.

I also got a really great wall decal from Janine for Christmas, and I got that put up in the kitchen.  It looks perfect and I love it!

… now … the search begins to find the perfect TV stand for the living room.  And maybe a pool table!

445-12.31.08 029.jpg

Carter’s play room, with organization and the computer away from the window’s view (“Hi weird strangers.  Yes, we have a kids computer, which probably means we have other really great things that have a higher black-market value.  Come on in and rob us!”).

443-1.23.08 009.jpg

“Enjoy” is my new slogan!  Cute, huh?

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Sillies in the Snow

Given that this afternoon was “warm,” Andy and Carter went outside to brave the Snow Mountain created by Snow Plow Willie in our driveway. 

And, of course, upon coming in they had to have hot choc-o-late and hot apple cider!

441-1.23.08 001.jpg

Playing in the snowy drive way and climbing Snow Mountain

442-1.23.08 007.jpg

Cute red cheeks and adorable smiles – how do you resist these two?!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Sleeping in rocks, but

… I don’t know how I feel about waking up to this:

426-1.17.08 002.jpg

Carter took it upon herself to head downstairs to the computer to listen to some Little Einstein’s music.  She took all of her goodies (which could have tripped her going down the stairs) to play on her computer (which may be rotting her brain).  And, helpful little soul, helped herself to a breakfast of marshmallows (which will solidify in her tummy!).  Is an extra 20 minutes of sleep worth it???

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Marshalltown fun

This morning, Carter and I headed to Marshalltown to meet up with Mackenzie and Natalie and Janinie, Madi and Carter to play, catch up and finally exchange Christmas gifts!

427-1.17.08 005.jpg

The kiddo’s enjoyed running and playing while we talked and giggled ourselves.  This was one of their slide trains, with Carter K, Natalie, Carter J and Madi!

428-1.17.08 008.jpg

I love ’em all, but I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to ride home with Natalie 😉

429-1.17.08 015.jpg

We shared gifts with one another, and we all “ohh’ed” and “ahh’ed” over everyone’s thought presents!  Thanks guys!

430-1.17.08 026.jpg

Our motley crew, being “sweet” …

431-1.17.08 027.jpg

… and silly …

432-1.17.08 028.jpg

… and super-scary …

433-1.17.08 029.jpg

…. and sassy ….

434-1.17.08 032.jpg

… and, finally, pouty and pathetic!  It’s a good thing we love this pitful faces!

435-1.17.08 035.jpg

We promised ice cream after a finished lunch, and no one failed to impress!  Ice cream’s all around!

436-1.17.08 036.jpg

Carter loved her ice cream so much she wore most of it!

437-1.17.08 038.jpg

As we packed up, there were hugs and lovin’ all around!

439-1.17.08 044.jpg

Our “itty bitty’s” all smiles and happiness

440-1.17.08 045.jpg

3/4 of “The Girls.”  Y’all are the best, and we had an awesome day!  Carter and I have been talking about it since we got in the car yesterday!  Thanks, ladies!  Love  ya!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Growing up compassionate

So today marked the start of our compassion resolution.  Carter and I took our $50 to the Dollar Store and to Hy-Vee and we bought as many of the “wish list” things as we could for the Animal Rescue League.  I figure that since I just got paid, it’s $50 we aren’t missing, and we certainly are fortunate enough to give something back. 

I wanted Carter to really “get it.”  So she picked out everything, I was just there to read labels and pay.  We ended up with cans of cat and dog food, bagged food and treats, toys, litter scoops, and paper towels and hand sanitizer for the helpful folks at the ARL.  When all was said and done, we had a big box of food and three bags of goodies for the animals.

Saturday, we dropped off our donations.  The girls at the desk were very happy for the goodies, and they thanked Carter profusely.  We talked about how lucky we were to have all of the things that we do, and how good it feels to help other people and animals who need things.  She was “happy” that “our things” made the animals “feel gooder.”

Since we were there, we checked out the cats, and we got to play with a kitty named Ellie.  There was much discussion as to where Ellie would be sleeping tonight!  In the end, Daddy-logic prevailed (for now!) and we’ll just have to go visit Ellis at the ARL!

424-1.17.08 001.jpg

Carter using her shopping talents to help the animals at the ARL

425-1.17.08 046.jpg

A “big ol’ bag” of fleecy blankets, a box of food and bags for paper towels, sanitizer, scoopers, treats and toys to make a kitty or doggy’s day!  Job well done, Carter Kay!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Snow bunnies

The blizzard is coming!  The blizzard is coming!  Let’s let school out early!!!  I’m not really sure why we got out early, but I sure appreciated the afternoon to play with Carter! 

421-1.12.08 006.jpg

Our snow-person.  We’re equal opportunity!

422-1.12.08 009.jpg

Making “fort bricks”

423-1.12.08 014.jpg

Snuggling with our snow-person

Construction of our snow fort.  My plan: to have our fort already created and stocked with snowballs, and to go back out later to have Daddy help Carter build her fort.  At that point, it’s an ambush!!