Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

C is for Cookie!

For the record: we don’t condone giving junk to our kiddo.  But it’s bright and sunny outside, everyone’s cheerful and happy, and Carter ate all of her “hot gog,” fruit and peas (PEAS!  She ate PEAS!!).  I think that warrants a nice, delicious cookie, right?!?

i-ff51389659ecbfd86a6e9fda105e562e-4.29.08 021.jpg 

I’m fixing to eat you!

i-ab6cfbb4eb744fac35badff4e51679c7-4.29.08 022.jpg

So good and so messy!  It’s a cookie, for crying out loud!  It should be this messy!!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson!

Another one bites the dust … I mean congratulations go Adam and Heather!  They were married  Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, a wonderful ceremony, and a fun reception.  It couldn’t have gone any better, and it couldn’t have happened to any cuter, more meant to be love birds!  Congratulations, guys!

i-fd15a2c707990fb3a64c603e9c44013b-4.29.08 001.jpg

All dolled up: Carter and Daddy

i-493bdbf8703cbe2982b0d785fc226961-4.29.08 002.jpg

Totally cute: Carter and Mommy

i-1e4d383718ae5499f3891e2e9e775bce-4.29.08 018.jpg

Andy & I

i-b7a8e6251eaf68f2d6a75b4b161a5871-4.29.08 007.jpg 

A very special, and super cute, Daddy/Daughter moment!

i-e9ab07e438c6d8ec82d33cccd398ff71-4.29.08 008.jpg

And an adorable first dance for the newlyweds! 

i-046a7084dd629e5926473bbb6bd0df00-4.29.08 009.jpg

Carter and her new-found friend cut a rug!

i-727205564619a8a6e15a14d714a7e1f3-4.29.08 012.jpg

Once again, a dance floor full of kids!  But note that Carter is the only one flashing on-lookers!

i-5e8840efcdeab1ca7056c1c82406af54-4.29.08 015.jpg

While dancing, she found a new, cooler Mommy.  The flower girl, on the floor, was not happy with the new switch!

i-43bf7fe2220902d752494a03a196c800-4.29.08 016.jpg

New friends, new adventures, and a new male admirer!  Just another day in the life of Carter Kay!

i-217c49dcc07a2b6f735cc507ac67d10f-4.29.08 017.jpg

Flashing boys the goods!  That’s how you keep ’em!!

All she wants to do is DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!



Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


For real: Fazoli’s Spaghetti should be a main component of the food pyramid!   

i-c9221a04d2666e89d382f1693c921741-4.22.08 005.jpg


i-bf2a92568589f266e05a163057e19a43-4.22.08 006.jpg



Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

A Kite! A Kite! A Kite!

When she’s really excited, she always yells things in triplicate: “A Kite!  A Kite!  A Kite!”  

I know … “Gosh!  I wonder where that trait came from???”  Yeah, I get it.  For weeks, after ever song I heard on the radio, my first comment was, “They played that at the piano bar.”  And, for days now, I’ve been obsessed with the upcoming garage sale.  So, “excitable” is an adorable family trait!

Andy put a kite, a kite, a kite together this windy afternoon.  It’s balance isn’t quite right, but it still got a great giggle out of Carter! 

i-d9e488056d039706794246c516605840-4.22.08 001.jpg

I’ll hold the string, you put it together!  What a team!

i-23227245d7f74c723d2eb713ed35dee7-4.22.08 004.jpg 

“That’s my kite!”

When Andy would fly the kite, it dove in circles and Carter scurried away, yelling and giggling!  She’s really afraid of bugs; she’s only pretend-afraid of kites!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Muffins for everyone!

Tonight was Andy’s monthly poker night.  Lance and his wife Stephanie hosted, which means I got invited, too.  Apparently, I have a "reputation" of being "fun" and "wicked," and Andy’s team likes me.  I know, shocking, huh?

There were 12 players, so Lance set up two tables.  My table consisted of Lance, Eric and Nick, who I’ve played with before, and Matt, a newbie to the monthly games.  I’m not the best poker player – these guys know all of my 3 tricks! – but they were all a little scared of me.  "Loose cannon" and "what are you doing?!" were directed my way a few times!  My first hand was pocket aces (had I been at Dan’s table, I would have gone all in!), and I got lucky most of the night at our small table.  

Andy’s luck, not so great.  But we both made it to "the final table," complete with comfy seats (yeah!).

I got snaked a couple times, but then remembered the things Andy had told me about poker.  Then, slowly, Charlie was taken out, Dan was ran over by Andy, and Nick got knocked out.  With a 10 and 6, and a 3, 6, and 10 on the river, I went all in against Eric (who I heart, but hate losing to!!).  Andy and Eric didn’t see my two pair, and Eric thought it had it!  Sorry 🙁  Then Stephanie was busted, and I’d made my initial $20 buy in back!  

I only come to poker with two goals: #1, don’t go out before Dan and #2, try and break even!  So when it came down to Matt, Andy and I, and Andy busted Matt, it was all good!  Andy and I split the profits of the evening: Andy getting $80 and giving me the first place pot of $100! 

I’m officially retired from poker!  I’m quitting on a high .. until next month! 


Blueberry and chocolate chip muffins Monday morning!  I promised my kids muffins if I won, and they all wished me luck!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Christmas in April!

Finally, a beautiful, sunny (but breezy!) afternoon where we could break out the scooter!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katie got Carter a scooter for Christmas.  Too hard to ride in the snow, but today was perfect! 

i-f49a4f4dc2f33fd64801280b767cedd9-4.16.08 006.jpg

Elbow and knee pads, helmet and shades – let’s roll!

i-016d1e31fc83fbf7db3a292039da35f2-4.16.08 008.jpg 

It’s Speed Racer on a scooter!

It didn’t take her long to figure out her balance, and push her little self down the road!  All was good until we turned her around to head home.  She refused, we walked off towards home, she turned herself back around and headed to the neighbors!  We had to haul her home!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Carter spells

Today, it’s "NO," tomorrow, it’ll be "CRAP" or "SHUT UP!" her recent vocabulary additions!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


Swaddling never goes out of style!

i-bedf350cc38f9e2c021005fac8368403-4.10.08 087.jpg  i-3c8f7c74817022be8ea69cd2991d6cff-9.5.05.jpg

Carter, April 2008, 2 1/2 years old                    Carter, September 2005, 1 month old

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Shawn and Kelly are MARRIED!

Our good friends Shawn and Kelly are officially hitched!  They were married last week, had their reception Saturday, and they’re headed to somewhere sunny and warm (Mexico?  Sorry, we can’t remember!) this week!

We were all lucky enough to help celebrate and ring in their wedding with some fun!  Congrats, guys!

i-a06176ff2ba7eb8d30b42bf381904ddf-4.10.08 071.jpg

Rory, Andy and Carter … and the first of a few glasses of wine!

i-89d757d5edf29ecf51ed2509d5ca8f16-4.10.08 076.jpg

Daddy, Carter and Mommy

i-25435401f4431642b408f043572f34b6-4.10.08 074.jpg

Rory and Andy … note the afore mentioned glass of wine is empty!

i-358e3e83edf664644dd7b8a0b1d8f470-4.10.08 079.jpg 

After Kelly and Shawn greeted guests, and we all had super-yummy food (and a few beverages!), Carter hit the dance floor!  Shake it, girl!

i-400f7e3ee46cfd21d9c21d9d5446c4aa-4.10.08 081.jpg

Get down with your bad self!  She got all her rhythm from her Daddy!

i-dd5c35f8ac9d3bb07dfe5a4e024eb2e9-4.10.08 086.jpg 

Groovin’ gingers!

At the first note of music, children swarmed the dance floor.  Carter was one of the first!  Initially, many children were accompanied with their parents: a couple dads, a few moms, and some older siblings danced along.  The DJ cued The Chicken Dance and asked us all to make a circle.  Instantly, everyone over 10 years old disappeared, and there was only me, with a dozen kiddo’s.



Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

FOAM! Mo foam, Mommy!

What would bath night be without bubbles and foam?!? 

i-93572b247d19d1c4b22000003542ad07-4.10.08 051.jpg

It’s a foam-crown for our Princess!

i-814cf3c3bc81fcad7d83179fb03903c7-4.10.08 055.jpg 

And a full-foam suit!  CUTE!