Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Woo hoo!


Our cabinets are going up .. nicely, I might add!

.. so where should we stash the Jelly Belly’s and other snacks??? 

i-9b39c5709c535eb5dcb66bebaf749a6f-8.30.07 001.jpg 

LOVE IT!  We get more excited every time something new pops up!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

No one's happy!

No good!

We had to scale back some of our painting plans, due to the additional $1,000 it would have cost us (!!!).  We had intended to paint one wall a pale green’ish and the other three walls pink, but went all pink to save money.  The painter misinterpreted this as the one green wall being pink, and the three pink walls being unpainted.  So, in theory, we’ve paid $200 for this room to be 1/4 painted.  

I’m as thrilled as Carter (see below) about it.

i-3a105eaf1e6a35dc6ed671f856e7b539-8.30.07 002.jpg

The pink’s so great that I’d love to have it on all 4 walls!  Like, now!

i-398484f09e264e809d00a4751123c5ec-8.30.07 003.jpg 

Carter, at 8:00, didn’t care if walls were pink, or green, or existent!  She was tired and wanted to go to bed!  It took bears x2 to keep her calm(er)!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The moment you've been waiting for ..

First it was texture, then primer, then taping off areas ..

Now .. here is day one of the colorful Chalupa house!

i-f55f2e6b51b707e584d0e1d7a885c81e-8.28.07 006.jpg

“Sand Dollar” goes through out the front part of the first floor (the living room, entry way and Carter’s playroom) and upstairs into the office and upstairs hallway.  “Torch Flame,” that gorgeous yellow (Andy says it’s orange!!) goes through out the cozy, dinette and kitchen.  That is the yellow I have seen in my head for months!  I LOVE IT!

i-c2f3a01e9284c3a922b1d031b3144dc4-8.28.07 007.jpg

“Sand dollar” in the office, with our new light fixture.  Very regal!

i-86d2d2212fedfe96079f96c2ea439a12-8.28.07 009.jpg 

In the back, you can see our bedroom slate, which will rock with our mission cherry furniture and new comforter.  Carter, however, apparently doesn’t love it as much as we do!  Or, maybe she was PO’ed about not being able to run around and touch walls!  Whatever!


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

When I saw these red sandals, they called my name and I had to have them.

I guess Carter feels the same way!  She goes back into our bedroom, gets in the closet and drags them out, almost daily! 

i-8d8b8247bd4546d446dedd008d781956-8.28.07 002.jpg   i-72f4f7076cd73149ac306de45483158b-8.28.07 003.jpg

Shoes! Shoes! SHOES!
Oh my God!  Shoes!


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

That's IT!

So we returned home, to our house, with a whole lotta fumes and white walls!  I guess the color comes Monday???  

We dropped off load #1 of lights, and got load #2 – the last one! – of lights this evening!  

No more lights! 

i-54fdb57a9414ca4c00d9c244b49b1ea5-8.27.07 050.jpg

The Chalupa Family, ready to move!

i-efd9a8d5eabe116af03cdf287bff7df6-8.27.07 051.jpg

A few Chalupa’s and a whole lotta boxes

i-9bd34b332cdd033c27a77caefe22be10-8.27.07 053.jpg

See – too many choices!

i-b7305ffc0902aa719303248e303a0da6-8.27.07 054.jpg

Lights, lights, lights!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Pickin' Punkkin's

Carter and Grandma Linda picked homegrown punpkins this morning!  Carter enjoyed tromping out into the garden and lugging her “heafy” punpkin around the yard!

i-6e2c53e5245313860b5626106b6571ae-8.27.07 028.jpg

That’s the one!

i-727fd7ce0a62da0239df56b3c410dc76-8.27.07 034.jpg

“Heafy!” she declared!

i-f35fa715ce8320b7f01bd67090bae584-8.27.07 037.jpg

Grandma, Daddy and Carter clean up the punpkins

i-a680d2d4a51b3db45dcaec45c90c08e6-8.27.07 040.jpg

Punky’s punkkins

i-e52f43f1633da47a5ed33228eefa5602-8.27.07 041.jpg 

My favorites!

i-4c318bcb4a35e8225acaf0ef13fae0a1-8.27.07 031.jpg

How CUTE is THIS?!?


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Playing with the Crazy!

At Grandma and Grandpa Chalupa’s, Carter and Courtney got to run and play .. and run .. and run .. and run!

i-7e5c6833a4b70bacf1d0e2e8e53df5c0-8.27.07 017.jpg

T R O U B L E !

i-c411283a1d42f00c497617faf043ce4d-8.27.07 021.jpg 


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


This afternoon – with Carter’s amazingly wonderful and fantastic help – we picked 14 of the 22 lighting fixtures for the new house. 

There were lots.

And it was expensive. 

i-5dcbe9eddce4481adfe2273030236c00-8.27.07 013.jpg 

Carter on the Mountain of Lights

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Headed home!

Heading home for a weekend with Grandmas and Poppys. 

i-4ca2a1b30ac3a4d2ce10e86da4380f4b-8.27.07 009.jpg 

Rock and Roll!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


It’s all just a matter of time now – the stuff has arrived!

i-4f80ef69df4e75384f362a07bb04bcd2-8.27.07 002.jpg

Doors, doors, and more doors!

i-f0f019fb7f48ff0db1998d494f78d5df-8.27.07 003.jpg

Some part of the kitchen counter top

i-32ca570c5c5fa124be571de8b0b1a784-8.27.07 004.jpg

More wood and carpet padding

i-43b06abdd9f613051b773a850bd5ca30-8.27.07 005.jpg

Left – our bathroom counter top
Right – Carter’s bathroom counter op

i-209806f0a4aae61de37cb195bb55e6b1-8.27.07 006.jpg

Laminate flooring for the first floor and closet shelves

i-b8ba641d9a4ca91d0af822a1c0115710-8.27.07 008.jpg 

Tiling for the bathrooms