Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Round 'n round

It’s the eyes – too funny!

i-e62645e7be3f7fe1e561ab886e0c68b6-5.1.07 001.jpg      i-57a6dccd20be33167b448c90946302ec-5.1.07 007.jpg     i-c73e551a1345486f1bacae6606976e65-5.1.07 014.jpg

Round and round the Carter goes, she’s spins in cute circles!  The Carter laughed at all the fun, POP! Goes the Carter!!!

i-34c98cf5a35c8e528c3efacc25218b4b-5.1.07 013.jpg 


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Furniture shopping!

I love shopping for furniture!  I think in a previous life, I was an interior decorator!  Love it!

Carter and I went looking – we were just looking for ideas for the new house … and it kept us out of Daddy’s hair!  We came across some cool stuff, like the oval sofas below.  However, I don’t need to take out another loan for furniture!  I know I’m not as active in our finances as I should be, making me monetarily naive, but come on: $1500 for an arm chair?!?  That Carter will probably spill red Kool-Aid on???  Or that Andy will mess Gushers all over?!?  I think not!  Whatever – I’ll go back to the World Market and get the set for under a grand!  And spend the extra I saved on Kool-Aid and Gushers!

i-afe1eefa584720ddd7aea9a8d8b16aed-4.28.07 027.jpg 

It might be $1,500, but it’s velvety, comfty and cute!  And I’m sure Andy hates it!  Ahhh … home furnishing is such a compromise!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Dinner for Daddy's hard work!

After Carter had a nap, I had a break, and Andy had a shower, we decided to treat Daddy to dinner (Cazador’s, of course!!) for his hard day’s work!  Our house looks like one of those old beater car with multi-colored panels!  

i-597236bd468ee74850babf5d055bb4e8-4.28.07 019.jpg

On our way out the door, we had to stop and smell the flowers!

i-949bc0f7ce035bfa7f02cf2c5ba9da0d-4.28.07 022.jpg


i-8f80e90baa88c915632d89a88b017174-4.28.07 024.jpg

We had to run to Home Depot for some home repair items.  Since it’s not the most exciting place on the planet for Carter and I, we make our own fun!

i-0b0b4be21255afd829fbb8374ab4d78d-4.28.07 025.jpg

Yes, I originally put the bucket on her head, but she insisted on putting it back on!

i-750378dc876c50d52337ef99a22d9a88-4.28.07 026.jpg

Total CHEESER, through and through!!!


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

It's ZOO season!

Carter and I lathered up with the Coppertone and headed to the Blank Park Zoo today.  Andy was tearing down beat up siding and replacing it with new pieces, and the zoo sounded like way more fun!  We got there bright and early and enjoyed all the sights!  Carter was very interested in the fish this time!  Pretty cool!  And, we ended our day with lunch at “Acky’s,” which is Carter-speak for McDonald’s!  What a great day!

i-becdc98c68fd6a933accdabd1753e8d4-4.28.07 001.jpg

Taking care of our baby-fine, porcelain Ginger-skin!

i-8cdb15a158b3c9954c40fde58051fc03-4.28.07 003.jpg

It’s not walking the plank, but Carter did brave the rope bridge!

i-e9a9513746721b922518b9c9d56ea905-4.28.07 006.jpg

Another Mommy thought we were “too cute” and offered to take our picture in the butterfly garden.  Who was I to turn her down?!?

i-aab76270958dac2bafaa279fccd40ecc-4.28.07 010.jpg 

Carter and the Croc, officially seeing “eye to eye!”


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

The park RULES!

Busy, packed, or totally empty, the PARK is the BEST place in the WORLD!

i-dbe430a3aaad39194e4f2d0b7be5ee34-4.26.07 012.jpg

Mounting stairs completely on her own!

i-273ed44e39ee4eab5ca4ed4ec261fe7e-4.26.07 013.jpg

This is “that ornery look” I’m talking about!  I love it!

i-f11a7806f22526fc938e636b6790e6f0-4.26.07 016.jpg


i-dabb04c509d2d66ebf7b3460ba545e71-4.26.07 019.jpg

“I love sliding with my Daddy!”

i-e05627dde3108b9c1782a0757dd811c0-4.26.07 020.jpg 

“Me and Mommy, being silly!”

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Silly, smiley Thursday nights!

 It’s the little things like an evening of happiness that make parenting perfect!

i-a870d03776b5cdaca4707b5b71433c32-4.25.07 005.jpg

Breen beanies + ‘nana’s = Happy Baby!

i-8a80f5dfacd3e3c63f3a28b83fe6a445-4.25.07 006.jpg

Giddy Up, Daddy-Pony!  Giddy Up!

i-3c2627f5646a71d23cba1080a1fa8a12-4.25.07 007.jpg 

Every bath night, Andy gets Carter ready for her bath.  She can take her own clothes off now and she’ll put them in her room.  She returns to Andy, he takes off her diaper, and she comes running into the kitchen to give me my “naked hug.”  Too cute!!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Practice makes Perfect!

American Idol, here she comes!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Train her well!

I always said I can’t wait until she’s old enough to do chores!!!

 i-3c2f86bf7480144243e52213364e2d11-4.24.07 016.jpg

She only gets to do the silverware, but she sure does enjoy helping with dishes!!!

i-b1f39d77215d7624df95eced4042c20c-4.24.07 017.jpg 

It does, however, require a bit of reorganization!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Moving: an update

For those of you who aren’t aware, Andy, Carter and I are planning on building a home soon.  We’ve always had ideas in mind (I refuse to move into a new home that doesn’t have an island!), and always said, “some day.”  After patience (I know!  Me?  Patient?!?), our “some day” is quickly approaching.

We met with Chad Stutzman this afternoon (  He used to work with Andy at Principal, but quit to do construction full time.  He’d sent us some ideas and options, and we talked about options and our preferences.  He quoted us a price, and told us to go home and think of colors (COLORS!!!), and come back next week to get things underway.

We’re thinking of a two-story home with a three-car garage.  It has one “open-aired” kitchen/dinette/cozy area that leads into a living room.  And we’re thinking of making the formal dining room Carter’s playroom!  Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a walk-in closet in our room.  

I can barely stand myself!  I can’t wait for next week!  Let’s get this thing going!!!

i-16616d5e7d79e3749fb8159d3deeda28-4.24.07 003.jpg

Our “complex:” Greystone Something-or-Other, at the corner of Ash Drive and 36th Street, north of the soccer complex and where we are now.

i-d6a3ae27c039f64720f2df63beca5306-4.24.07 005.jpg

Our lot, or the one we love.  Note: it backs to a field and you can see no other house or existing building!  And Target is 8 miles away!

i-e6d5dc44001990a70f4597f350b1a513-4.24.07 007.jpg 

Bring on the selling!!!
Know anyone interested in a “cute and cozy” 1974 split-level foyer on 9th street???


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


Carter doesn’t have to have one particular item, but she loves, loves, loves her blankies!  Especially her special “Grammy” blankies!

i-b0601560c5e6a5978e2f5cd16fe785ab-4.24.07 011.jpg