Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Where's Carter?

Can you spot the baby?
Can you tell who hasn’t totally figured out the big-girl blankie???

 i-bb1aceaa5be21e17e41232901388e685-10.30.06 001.jpg

… there’s a foot …

i-bb1aceaa5be21e17e41232901388e685-10.30.06 001.jpg 

… a foot and arm … 

i-16b59da6130141efa576bf9d4ec0fc39-10.30.06 003.jpg 

… there’s Carter!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Angel Baby

Happy Halloween, all!  Carter is going as the most unlikely thing ever: an angel!  How ironic!

 Our sweet-but-naughty, adorable-but-always-messy, precious-as-gold Angel Baby!
Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Ghosts & Ghouls Welcome!

Instead of trick or treating, the tricks (not the “tricks”!) came to us at Amy and Jon’s.  They had quite the Halloween spread – including “Ghoul-loush.” “severed fingers and ranch dip,” and about 100 plastic spiders hidden in various locations around their house!

We were all entertained by a heavenly little Angel Baby and her PIC (“Partner in Crime”), a smiley, precocious little puppy dog (Isaac Alexander).  The two ran around, and around, and around Amy and Jon’s house all evening!  It was adorable!

Happy Halloween Hauntings!


Ahh!  It’s a spider in Amy’s crock pot (ahh chaa chaa!)

i-1d1f4732589d59fd7b097d7939a42c0a-10.30.06 063.jpg

BFF’s: Carter and Isaac

i-216059d6f5246fa1e403753e5e7f0db7-10.30.06 068.jpg

Mustard, Angel Baby & Ketchup!

i-d1213593e428da45141f83d769edfc7b-10.30.06 069.jpg

More than BFF’s:  Isaac’s making the moves on Carter!

i-7dbdde1b86e95f7c483f50e023276646-10.30.06 075.jpg 

Andy, Carter and I – she was in rare form tonight!!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Where do all the sockies go???

If I had a nickle for every sockie that we lost, I would … well … I’d have a lot of money!

THIS is why we have no sockies!  Poor child!

i-1aac463662c4fd46885d6c8f94f5c1b4-10.30.06 044.jpg

EVERY MORNING, I put two sockies on this beautiful baby … and then … she takes them off … 

i-178c8673e666ffb24adcdf24df8cb18a-10.30.06 045.jpg

… slowly … one by one … 

i-e9ebab05da3d77ee6910d06167316d20-10.30.06 047.jpg

… and she takes the sockies … very sneaky-like … 

i-a1634dff2fabd99e7e2b9f7500ee02e4-10.30.06 048.jpg 

… and hides them under the chair!  I, literally, pulled 5 sockies out from under that chair!
… where’s the 6th sock to make the pair??  I guess we’ll never know …

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


With November just around the corner, our days of playing outside are sadly numbered.  So we took full advantage and spruced up the yard: we raked and played in leaves!

Carter wasn’t so sure about initially (per usual!), but had a ball!  She would crunch and crinkle the leaves, and giggled and laughed when I would drop leaves around her!

i-322fd6a80ae3d2e053c0a19bda21ad7f-10.30.06 009.jpg

Wee!  Leaves are fun!

i-0f374ca4804bafe1642a6f83d3d8ba0d-10.30.06 011.jpg

There were leaves in her hair, hood, sleeves … even in her diaper later!

i-9d3d36d2b2d0be812c9b1fae889e4e50-10.30.06 019.jpg

“Mom … what’s on my head …”

i-da4e817013da753b7a9a46c4a0e175d0-10.30.06 027.jpg 

Between her red and my red, we’re our own little fall-harvest rainbow!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie


It’s official: our oven, circa 1941, sucked!  It was missing the temperature knob and would periodically beep, like an alarm clock, due to a short circuit.  Lately, the beeping has increased (at 2am!!), so we got a new oven.
Welcome Whirlpool Oven!

“Yeah, New Oven!”


Carter helping Daddy install the oven

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Crazy hair day!

Boogey-boogey!  It’s Devil-Baby!



I’m Crazy-Hair Baby!  Gemme some candy!

Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Welcome back, Triad!

Holy, Triad!  It’s good to be back to Bugga-Boo’s gymanstic sessions!  So fun!



Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Farmer Day

Yee-haw!  It’s Farmer Carter!


Andy, Kelly, Carter & Charlie

Bubble baby!

Carter stinks!  Literally!  She was a sticky, peachy, gunky, funky, smelly mess!  So I threw her (not literally!) into a tub full of bubbles.  Mid-bath, she decided to try a taste and learned this very simple equation: bubbles + mouth = throw up in my mouth a little!  


BUBBLES: this season’s hottest accessory!